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She Get It From Her Momma

I was in a store yesterday and there was a sale on lovely sundresses.

I mean a stupid, ridiculous sale. I purchased a sexy awesome one for a beach wedding I’m attending, and then the other was simple, floral, with buttons down the front.

It looked almost exactly like a sundress my mother would wear on our family vacations in the South.

I was drawn to it. I tried it on and it was comfortable and just lovely. It was soooo my mom. I had to have it.  I also bought a full silk slip, which has also been a staple of my mother’s wardrobe.

As we get older, it’s funny the things we start to do or like because our mothers did or liked them. You feel a connection to her style, you admire it, because after all she is your first introduction to womanhood.

From an early age, you mimic her walk, her talk and always try to put on her high heels or makeup. Throughout your life, people wind up telling you there is something in you that is exactly her.

So in honor of my mom, and the dress, I’m passing on some great blogs that celebrate our mothers as fashion icons.

First up is Of Another Fashion. This blog showcases vintage photos of stylish women of color. It blows me away every time.

Lucky Magazine also has a popular feature called “My Mom, the Style Icon.”

There is also a blog and a book of the same name, “My Mom, the Style Icon.”

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