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The 30-day Guarantee

When my plans for D.C. Restaurant week fell through the other night, I was all dressed up with no place to go.

So, I didn’t want to go to the gym. I contemplated eating out alone at a bar, then I decided to call up my favorite local pizza spot to order a cheese slice and a piece of tiramisu, when the girl had me on hold for just far too long.

Screw it. I’ll go to Friday’s. Vanilla bean cheesecake. Happy hour dranks.

So I’m there. Minding my business. It’s not to crazy. Scoping the scene there are men around but I’m being left alone. That’s cool.

So I feel a guy sit down next to me. I sip my discounted mojito and just chill.

He and a friend of him talk while I’m still deciding on my order.

The man next to me asks me if I have a favorite football team.

I turn, and he’s actually not bad looking. He’s wearing solid black framed glasses, has nice brown eyes, and a luxurious beard. He reminds me of the rapper/actor Common and I notice tattoos on his arms.

Not bad.

We talk about what we do for a living and how long we’ve been living in this area.

He mentions that he noticed right away I was different than the usual chick who frequents the TGI Fridays because he comes there somewhat regularly. He said even without saying a word, my hair was different, my nails were plain and that I just carried myself a certain way.

So we had more drinks, and with one well-timed compliment from me, he said anything I had and will have for the rest of the night was on him.

He talked about being from the south and how he was surprised I was a New Yorker.

“You may have been born and raised in New York, but you are southern.”  He gave me compliments and flirted and said the funniest things. We decided we couldn’t end the night so quickly and wound up at the casino.

More drinks, more laughs that led us to Bobby’s Burger Palace.

The Santa Fe Burger was awesome.

But back on topic, this gentleman… can’t think of a name for him yet said that basically at the end of 30 days, I was going to really know I want something to go somewhere with him, or I don’t. Which I think is valid and would happen in most cases.

He also asked me if he could leave a note in my phone.

“Remind me of what I was thinking when we met at tgif.”

So in 30 days… if he makes it that long (yall know me by now.), I’m to remind him of what he was thinking when we met.

Throughout the night he made jokes about how much I’d like him 30 days from now and that I’d actually clean and cook chitlings for him. Um, ok…

Oddly enough, I felt comfortable around him. It was actually kind of nice. We had the back and forth I tend to enjoy. I didn’t bother to ask him about children, but I did ask if he’s married or had ever been married. Like myself, he was engaged and it didn’t work out.

He said we’d save our sad stories for later and for the night, we’d just enjoy ourselves and have a good time. I wasn’t mad at that. When I mentioned that he reminded me of Common he said he tends to hear that often, especially if in the winter he wears a skull cap and a scarf around his neck.

This should get interesting…

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