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Impromptu Poetry: Let’s Connect

A voice, eye-contact, a touch and a smile says so much more.
The intention in inflection is heard and clearly understood. No need to scroll back, analyze and then assume.
Touch me and I feel you.
No emojis necessary. No responses out of order.
1/3, 3/3, 2/3.
No room for misunderstanding when looking you directly in the eye.
No jumping to ill-informed conclusions based on too much insecurity and too few facts.
Pleasant pauses in person mean letting the conversation breathe and the intimacy build, while a pause during a text can mean he’s on to the next…
The ultimate mic drop is a kiss.
Let’s mutually decide to power down and unplug.
End this digital conversation and start another offline…
This is how we communicate better.
Let’s connect.

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