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From Outta Nowhere

Sometimes our most pleasant surprises are, well a surprise. They come from out of thin air.

It’s sooo early in the game.

But I like this new dude. I may have made a reference to him before.

You know, the one who ended our first date on Halloween night doing the “Thriller” dance in the street.

Well, Friday, we went to see a movie and had a great time making jokes about everything.

And yesterday, I invited him over to take some baked ziti off my hands.

I’ll admit it. I like this dude.

He’s smart, he has been respectful. He is funny and corny, which makes him more funny to me, which in my book makes him even more endearing.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying corny in a negative way. Corny men have an insane ability to win me over.

He reminds me of Kevin Hart.

He’s so short.

God bless him.

He talks kind of fast and his facial expressions are just too hilarious. They like bring it all home.

But in between all of the jokes, we have some pretty good conversations.

He asked me about what went wrong in my last relationship, and I told him the sad, pitiful story.

He had a very serious look on his face and said how sorry he was how things happened because I seem like a really cool person.

I told him it was all good, and lessons were learned and that’s just life.

So he paused for a moment, then asked, “Well, is there closure? Are you over him?”

To which, I responded yes. I explained that I talked to him about two months ago and I knew there was nothing left, when I asked him if he learned anything from all of this and he asked, how could he?

Even saying it out loud, I wasn’t giving the new guy a good answer that he’d want to hear. I knew I was telling the truth.

He shared some interesting info about his last relationship, and what struck me is that as jacked up as the situation was, he handled it with a lot of maturity, and the fact he could stay with someone for four years being kinda young, was interesting to me too. So, just off of stats, he may be able to help me break my two year curse/record.

My favorite serious quote from him was the following:

“I couldn’t let that situation stop me from being who I am. I’m a giver and I’m going to always give people my best. It’s who I am. It’s up to the other people. If they treat me wrong or badly, God’s gonna deal with that. I”ll always know I did the right thing. That’s on them.”

We know the words to the same movies. We like a lot of the same music, even the stuff that no one else knows about that I can’t convince my other friends to listen to.

I asked him a few nights ago, what is a song that always makes him smile as soon as he hears it. And knock me down with a feather, he said, “Yellow” by India Arie.

Now, yall know how much I love this song, because I wrote a post about it months ago. It’s not a very popular song, so it just freaked me out. He knows nothing about this blog.

What’s even more crazy is the night after our first date, I wrote a few things on a slip of paper, put it in a sealed envelope and put it someplace special.

I wrote down some predictions about this guy and just some gut feelings I had. Like I wasn’t going to be able to sleep until I wrote it down, so I could be proven right later.

I wrote. New guy’s name is smart, and kind (I didn’t steal that from “The Help”). He has a big heart and he has a story that makes him who he is.

I’m going to open it at some undisclosed time, if we ever become an item. Which I think may be imminent, as long as nothing ridiculous happens. I think in another blog I said he was 22. He is not, he is 28. So it’s not that bad.

Either way, there is a feeling about him. That thing that I’ve been describing to you all over and over, that I just wasn’t feeling. I may be leaning towards that gut feeling of, I like this guy. I like him. Goofy, short, younger, whatever, I like him.

I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds. I’m trying to be cool about it, but this is absurd. Like, we’ve been sending texts in old English British accents. One will ask, if you can’t hear it, how can you tell? One you have to read with imagination, and two, you write *old timey british accent at the end.

Now I am going to have to get the BBC show Chef on DVD, so we can watch it together.

I have met my goofy, nerdy, musical, male match.

And God, he smells good and has a job…

Lord, I’ve created a new Spotify playlist… My friend accused me of googly eyes last night. This is bad. Geez….


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