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Researching Benefits of Dating (Significantly) Older

Because I’m gingerly traveling down the path of dating an older gentleman, I’ve decided to research the topic online. I do that. I do that when I’m sick to make sure I’m not one infection away from a terrible death or possible amputation. I do it when deciding what kind of lipstick might look right on me, I do it when I want to know how to decorate my home or when I want to cook a certain meal. 

Hence, I do what I always do when I’m having an obsession of the moment. I google for more info.

Same thing about anything Hunger Games-related, or how to use rosemary in everything.


Eddie Murphy (51) and Rosci Diaz (28) are the new celebrity May/December Couple du jour. Photo from Beverly News Source: USWeekly.com

I came across these blog posts and I liked them.

I would like to share.

These gems are from the Men Aren’t that Deep blog, which I’m following right away.


This blog points out that older men really aren’t playing games and they move on if the situation isn’t working. The blog also mentions that they take their time and tend to be patient. I will agree with this. At this point, a guy my age would have cussed me out and I probably would have been summoned to join him on Judge Judy to pay him back for all of the wining and dining and getting nothing more in return than a hug.

The next is from thefrisky.com. They are giving out 11 reasons why older ain’t colder.


I do not know anything about number one, but I am curious if it’s true.

The other examples on the list I’ve found to be actually on point.


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