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Personal Annual Review: DO IT!

This post is going to be short and sweet.

I saw this post about conducting your own personal annual review like two weeks ago and I just loved it. I posted it on my Facebook page and folks were feeling it. So

I want to give this as a gift to you all.

As with most of the gifts I gave this year, I wanted this for myself too!

We are about to go into a new year and folks love to reflect and think about how they are going to get their ish together for real for real in 2013.

I think this is a practical, real way to get down your thoughts and really attack the things you need to get together in your life. I love how it was presented.

So check it out. Let me know what you think. If you are going to try it out, etc.


Whatever It Is You Want…

A co-worker of mine told me this morning that she prays that I get whatever it is I want.

I’m pretty sure she’s particularly alluding to a new job/career that will make me insanely happy and feel fulfilled. That is something I want.

I’m still waiting on my fate on that end…

I replied that I appreciated that prayer, and that my prayer for myself is if I get what I want, I’ll still want it when I’ve got it.

As we all know, sometimes what we think we want is not at all what we thought it would be once we’ve gotten it and then we think we are stuck with it.

I’m still figuring out what I want and what I don’t want. I think that’s a good thing.

We should all be revising this list all of the time, because that means we are growing and we should be continuously growing and we should be able to look back and see our growth.

I have been thinking a lot about 2012. I’m sure you all have been too, or if you haven’t, you’ll be thinking about it more.

It’s been an interesting year. I decided to go natural and shocked myself by actually liking it. And I finally really for real let go of my ex-fiance, and I shocked myself by not feeling guilty about it because of all of his problems and his dependence on me.

I opened myself up to online dating, had some serious disasters, but ended up meeting someone refreshing, smart, considerate and kind who may mess around and have a major role in my 2013.

I talked to God a lot more in 2012. And in a real, honest way. Like, I started being a lot less formal, and really talked to him like he was a close friend.

What do I want?

I want to be happy, I want to continue to be grateful for my life and the family and friends in it. I want to feel like I’m contributing to others in a positive way. I want to be bigger than me. Meaning, less selfish, more giving. I want the love in my life in all it’s manifestations between me and the people in my life to be real, to be lasting. I want good health and a sound mind for myself and my loved ones. And I’ve included this in my prayers recently, “God, there is someone who I may not know at all who is crying out to you, who really needs you, who really wants you to do something major in their life, who is about to give up. They might pray every day, or this is their first prayer ever. If nothing else, please let that person know you are listening. Will them to not give up.”

I hope you all really want what you want, and will be satisfied and happy when you get it, for the remainder of this year and going into the next.

A Modern Mona Lisa

A dear friend of mine over the last few years has taken up the art of photography and she’s gotten quite good. Forget good, excellent.

Her street photographs reflecting life and people all over New York city is soulful, honest, beautiful, strong, vibrant and full of life. (This is her blog http://streetstories.tumblr.com/)

The people she chooses to photograph are very different. Some are stereotypically beautiful (dancers, models), while others– their beauty, their magic, their swagger creeps up on you as you look at them longer and longer.

In New York, you see interesting people all the time, and sometimes if you are stuck on a train or in a line someplace you do want to just stare at them, but you know it’s rude. My friend’s photos allows you to take a nice, long look and think, without the icky, invasive, judgemental, gawker vibe.

They are children playing without a care in the brutal Brooklyn summer heat, they are soccer moms sitting in a park wearing hijab watching their children play.

They are tough, tatted-up guys with soft eyes.

A girl who is reluctant to smile at first, beams with confidence after a few clicks.

My friend has made these people comfortable and confident and they allow her to capture and freeze them in a moment in their dizzying, fast-paced, NY lives.

I’d love to see these people enlarged and looking down on folks from gallery walls someday. I’ve loved watching her grow as an artist and see her continuously improve.

This weekend, I was blessed to sit for a few photos with her. She sent me a few of the edited photos and I’m blown away.

I’m not being narcissistic, but I can’t stop looking.

It’s not because I think I’m so gorgeous, (I’m aaaight), but I’m studying my expressions, my eyes, what my body language is saying.

It’s so much fun to see her other work and make guesses about the people and their lives, what they’ve experienced or the irony in their personal style juxtaposed against something as simple, yet telling as a wiry smile, or a defiant stare directly in the camera which may be saying something else. A glimmer of something deep below the surface.

But for me, I know my story.

However, looking at the photos, I kept feeling blank. I thought I knew everything about me. I felt like I was seeing myself for the first time.

What was I showing?

In one photo, my eyes looked soft and it reminded me of the pain I felt from time-to-time. But even in that photo, I looked far from a victim, but I did look vulnerable.

In other photos, I looked really confident, like I could take on the world.

In another, one of my favorites, my eyes were closed and my smile was relaxed and showing off my signature gap.

These photos are among my favorite gifts this week and I will treasure this always. What I will treasure most about this gift is the ability to look at myself, and still be surprised, and still be able to question what it is I see and learn from it.

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