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Move Or Be Moved

Ok. I haven’t been blogging in a while. I’ve missed you fine folks.

I’ve been busy going back and forth visiting my friend, who nearly two weeks ago had a stroke due to blood clots in her brain.

I appreciate all of the well wishes and prayers, because they have been working. She struggles with her memory, but now she is in an inpatient rehab facility to help her get back into her normal, everyday habits.

She’s got a lot of work to do to get herself back physically, mentally and emotionally. But one thing I’ve learned is that our ability to think, to remember, to do basic things is one we really take for granted. We wake up in the morning and we assume everything should be working as it should. We never consider how difficult everyday tasks can be for those who are sick, injured or disabled.

It’s a miracle watching her improve day by day. She’s even doing a better job of initiating conversation or asking questions. But she still doesn’t want to eat much, which is driving all of us crazy and she often wants to be coddled when she doesn’t want to do something. We want her to get better and stronger, so she has to start doing more for herself.

But that update aside, other things are on my brain. My company is going through a number of transitions, which is putting more pressure on me to really get my own business started and off the ground. I’ve been prepping for almost a year and it’s time to really get going. I’m scared.

I’m taking all of the things happening at my job as a sign to move or be moved.

I need to take control of my situation, before whatever happens there forces me to move or do something I have to do, instead of what I want to do, and Lord knows I don’t want that.

So I’m taking a deep breath, and I wrote down what my short-term and long-term goals are for my business.

It’s time to really get this thing going. No games.

God, I’m scared. But I think of my friend. She’s starting over from scratch. Her whole life has changed. I can do this. I still have my health and strength and memories.

After all, the whole concept of my business is catering to women starting over, trying something new and overcoming fear to do something greater. Time to drink more of my own Kool Aid and do just that. I can’t help other women if I’m not doing it myself.

Time to go to work…

Preparation, Opportunity and A Reintroduction to Me

I want something badly.

This came as a surprise to me because I didn’t realize how badly I wanted this particular thing until I realized how close I am to getting it.

They say success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Opportunity, check.

Preparation, I’m all over it and it means so much more to me than ever before.

I’ve noticed something about myself just this week. Rewind to about six to eight months ago. I found myself saying to friends and loved ones that I wasn’t me anymore.

I was no longer that driven, over-achieving, kick down a door, make it happen,  just one more no away from a yes, girl.

It made me horribly sad, because I thought I lost that girl forever. I thought I was resigned to a life of accepting the bare minimum from myself because I felt I just didn’t have much more to give. At the time, I didn’t.

I can’t go into details about what I’m obsessing over right now but trust, when it goes down, a triumphant blog is to come. (If it doesn’t work out, an introspective one will probably appear.) And the thing for which I am so passionately gunning isn’t really the point of this blog, but the feeling that I’ve derived from this desire.

Being able to even feel what I’m feeling right now is almost as exciting as the prospect of attaining my goal.

But I will say this, upon recent events, my confidence in myself has been renewed and I’m feeling good about the future and the possible new directions it may take me in. Something was finally clicking in the universe, which in turn, propelled me to snap back into some of my old (positive) ways I assumed I lost forever.

Me going to the lengths I am going in preparation for the thing I want right now, would have been impossible months ago. I wouldn’t have had the strength mentally or physically. No way. Fear would have kept me in my bed with the covers over my head, I wouldn’t have dared to attempt this. I would have had a million reasons why it would never work and why it would be impossible.

Today, I see the possibilities. Even a few things associated with this dream that could be an inconvenience, I can see myself managing and eventually eliminating if I chose.

I’m paying greater attention to details, I’m refining. I’m even debating pulling an old school all-nighter fueled by Mountain Dew Code Red (getting conflicting information as to whether or not it is still sold or available) to study even more details of importance that can help me reach my goal.

All of this extra effort may or may not even be necessary, but I don’t want to look back and say I should have done more when I could have done more.

I’m a firm believer that when you are given an opportunity, you owe it to whomever gave it to you– God or human or both, to meet them half way by putting in the effort of honest, earnest preparation.

I’m not sure if I will get what it is that I want. I really hope so, but the fact I have regained the ability to feel this passionately about wanting something and to recognize this feeling and know this part of me hasn’t left for good, I’m relieved. I am emboldened.

It feels good. It feels right. It feels like me again.

Say It, Write It, Do it. The Power of Writing Things Down


A lot of people resolve to do big things by 30.

I think next year is going to be awesome, just off of the sheer fact that I am preparing to launch a business and I’ve been taking classes to help me prepare.

But that big thing aside, one thing I keep hearing in my class and in my research about business leader is be organized and write stuff down. That’s two things, and they actually tell you to write stuff down first so you can actually be organized.

Even the Bible gives this sound advice in one of its lesser known and hard to pronounce book of Habakkuk. And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.

It’s a simple thing, but people don’t do it enough. It has to go beyond a sticky note on your computer and the grocery list (budget experts say, this helps you not overspend if you stick strictly to the list while shopping).

I’ve been writing a lot of things down lately. When I get new ideas for my business no matter how big, small or delusional and I also write down ideas for my job as soon as I get them. I’ve learned to listen to myself and to not wait until morning. It doesn’t take that long to write it down and It’s the worst knowing you had a great idea and didn’t write it down as soon as it came to you. What you may or may not remember is totally not as good as the original thought. Train yourself not to be lazy by doing this.

Going back to the vision thing, I did actually do a vision board for my company recently, and things are going well in terms of the planning. It really does help. At a recent marketing event I attended one of the speakers said to actually go to magazines and cut out pictures of people who fit in your target demographic. Give them names and jobs and favorite stores and restaurants. I did that, and I instantly came up with more ideas for more products and services I want to provide.

Most recently, I even wrote a press release for my launch. I’m not ready to lauch yet I’m still quite a few months away, but seeing it in print is amazing motivation and when I read it, I’m kind of impressed with myself, my mission and what I’m about to actually pull off when the time comes.

I leave you with a blog that breaks down 7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Write Things Down. I may print it out and tape it to my fridge.

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