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Paying A Little More for a Night Out Is More Convenient in the End

One thing I’ve noticed as I’m getting older is I’m way more willing to pay for convenience and quality instead of trying to save a few dollars.

I’d like to share a list of things I used to go out of my way not to pay for in my early 20s that I now don’t even think twice about. Some people may disagree with me, and if you do, let me know because I don’t want to go out with you for a night on the town. Your nickling and diming will just infuriate me and will totally embarrass me. I always take Fergie’s advice, “If you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home.” I’ve been known to sit a few outings out, because my funds weren’t right.

Great entertainment.

Yes folks, if there is a great concert, play or sporting event, I’m down to plunk down a nice amount of cash to truly enjoy the live experience. I used to try to find the cheapest seats possible, but now I think it’s pointless and you won’t enjoy the experience as much. I don’t have to be front row, center, but I will splurge for a really great event.


At this point in the game, I can’t circle and circle looking for free street parking anymore. It makes me late for stuff, I get frustrated and even start getting sweaty. I’m willing to pay for parking garages and occasionally reasonable valet when I go out. You just have to incorporate that into the cost of going out and deal with it. I really used to be a stickler about finding free parking. I wore it like a badge of honor. Now, not so much. If I can’t make it happen the first go round within a block of where I’m trying to be, it’s time to find the garage. Either I’m not as optimistic as I used to be, or I’ve gotten enough tickets where I could have just paid a little more up front than after the fact.

Coat Check

As I got more grown, I realized me and my early 20-something friends looked like scantily clad idiots running from the parking lot to the club in the damn snow to avoid paying for coat check. We thought we were saving money, but in the end we probably ended up paying more for Halls cough drops, Vicks vapo rub and all the tea and chicken soup we had to take down to fight the cold we caught running around like that. It’s not so bright to also leave the club all hot and sweaty, back into the insanely cold air.


I’m a woman and while it’s nice to get free drinks from men, sometimes those “free” dranks come at an irritating cost. I’ve found older men will cut their losses early if they bought you a drink and the convo just isn’t going anywhere and they bow out gracefully with a “nice meeting you, have a nice night.”  Unfortunately, I’ve run into my fair share of  immature men of all ages who will act like they bought you a Birkin bag just because you said yes to a rum and coke. Avoid the drama. Stop a stalker dead in his tracks. Just go ahead and buy your own drink, especially if you can tell the kind of man you’d usually give your undivided attention to is nowhere in sight.

A really nice meal. Every now and then, sometimes you just have to go to a really nice restaurant. If you already know what the deal is (you yelped it, you took a look at the menu, you aren’t forgoing important bills to fund this outing), then you are prepared and you won’t be embarrassed. You deserve a splurge. Nothing is sexier than an awesome meal. I wrote a blog about sexy meals…

Spa services. Companies like living social and groupon have changed the game by providing really great deals for things like massages and facials and making it much more affordable. But even still, I also believe in tipping the folks who provide those services well. If you gonna ball out and have a spa day, then do it right, and tip appropriately.

Well-planned parties/fundraisers. I am an alumna of Howard University. Home of the super insane Homecoming. There are gazillions of parties to attend, its hard to pick one.  These days, I refuse to pay to go to a club (I prefer lounges these days).  If organizations like sororities, fraternities or young professional groups throw something at a nice hotel or on a boat, I’m usually game. That $75 ticket or higher raises the bar and usually weeds out the pretenders and the folks too short-sighted to realize it’s actually a good deal (Most of these events have open bar and food. You do the math.). The type of crowd that tend to attend these events want to have a good time, look good and network without the foolishness and raise money for good causes. Usually, you aren’t standing in some stupid long line for an obscene amount of time to get in, and there are usually places for ladies to sit and rest your feet because you have been working those heels. Win!

As you get older what are you willing to pay a little more for in the name of convenience and greater enjoyment?

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