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Calming Down: The Greatest Hits

I’m getting tense, and I shouldn’t be.

I’m a person who tries her best to work in complete faith, but sometimes my tendency to be a worrywart tends to undo my efforts.

So now,

I need to do the things I do to relax and gear up for big things.

Turn up the music and dance.

Sometimes I just turn up the music in my house and dance and do silly dances or full routines and pretend I’m Janet Jackson from the Pleasure Principle video.

She is so dope in this video.

More gospel music. I’ve already had my gospel inspiration playlist built on Spotify. It’s so real.


Watch movies that inspire me. I’ll be finding a way to watch “The Color Purple” “The Wiz” and “The Great Debaters.”

Get together with good friends. A plan is brewing for a game night with some of my local ladies. It may be a good look. Hungry, hungry, hippos has been requested. I do need a good round of Jenga and Connect Four in my life right now though, for real.

Go to Burlington Coat Factory to try on funny, huge, church lady hats. I look absurd and no matter how down I am, it makes me laugh. I mean I laugh a good hearty, laugh. (Speaking of laughing, did yall see my girl Liz Lemon finally get married on 30 Rock? Weird girls everywhere either cried or spewed grape drink out of their noses in delight. She’s not real, but I was happy for her like she was one of my friends. That’s another blog post altogether.) It’s probably even more funny that maybe one day as an old lady, I’ll actually think that stuff will be cute one day.

Create a new tee shirt design/do something for the business. The business has gone to the side since the new job hunt has been paramount and I’ve been residing in heavy like bubble with the new guy. Things are starting to cool down, and both of us are trying to resume normalcy. Working on the business always gives me a sense of purpose.

I’ve realized that I spend a lot of down time doing nothing or alone or shopping or eating.  I’ve got to regain some serious balance.

Read great writing. Already on that. Currently enjoying Junot Diaz’s “This Is How You Lose Her.” A great book to give a pimp in recovery.

Try something new.

Do something difficult.  I’ve scaled rock walls, swung from trapeze, parasailed and sang at the Kennedy Center with a super awesome choir. Every time I’ve done things I wasn’t sure I could do, I felt awesome when I did them.

Clay facemask and wine with special guest long bath. Back in my good ol reporter days, I stayed taking a bath to calm my nerves. The clay mask is the truth. It pulls out all the nastiness in my pores and makes me feel like a new woman.

Write a blog post.

Well, looks like I’ve at least taken care of that.

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