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More Bees With Honey: Getting Your Guy to Go to the Theatre

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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I love the theatre. I love dramas, musicals, comedies, improv, it just doesn’t matter. Seeing talented people perform live is just the absolute best.

So I invited my new, much older suitor (17 year gap) to join me to see a Broadway musical at one of my favorite venues ever, The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. It is a beautiful, beautiful place to enjoy the best performances in the nation. It’s a treasure. On top of that it’s just visually stunning with its grand hall of nations and the terrace with the awesome panoramic view of DC.

You feel important when you are there.

That’s why I dress up every time I go.

The Kennedy Center is also one of my favorite venues because they are truly about making the arts accessible to the people by offering a free show every evening at 6. Very, very cool.

Back to my original thought here.

Because I enjoy going to see shows and plays, I obviously want whatever man im interested in to join me from time to time. But sometimes, men can be a tough sell when it comes to the arts.

So here are my suggestions:

Pay for the tickets yourself. If he isn’t a fan of the theatre or seems hesitant about seeing the show with you, and you really want him to go, shell out the $80 + for orchestra seats yourself. Some people may say that’s ridiculous, but I think it’s only right and it will show that person that you really wanted to go, and you really wanted to go with them. They literally have nothing to lose. He just needs to put on a clean shirt, slacks, some decent shoes and just roll out.

Choose wisely: Pick a show where there are strong male leads, or a storyline that may be appealing in terms of something that’s relatable to everyone.

Don’t make him your theatre date every time. If it’s not his thing, you shouldn’t force it on him. But every now and then, when you are a theatre head, you do want to enjoy it with someone who is special to you. Have some other friends to do this with, so you can avoid burnout with him, unless you have converted him into being a theatre head too. Remember, his primary reason for going is because he likes you. Don’t take advantage.

I’m taking my new friend to see the musical Memphis. Now, this is kind of risky because a lot of people get annoyed with folks breaking out in song. If I had met him sooner, I would have broken him in with Fela. It’s a musical with amazing music, a captivating real life story and a strong, charismatic male lead. Oh and Fela had like 18 wives, all of them gorgeous, with amazing bodies, dancing and gyrating throughout the whole show. No man is going to be bored with that. In fact, he’ll probably be taking notes.

I also thought Memphis was a good fit, because he’s from Tennessee. I think it should be an interesting choice because it’s about soul music, racial tensions, love and it’s centered around music, so singing is going to be necessary.

Dress to impress. Look appropriately hot. I plan on wearing a gorgeous white dress that I haven’t worn since a party on a boat last summer. I really want to wear it again. Reward your date by being ridiculously fine. If he is bored by the musical, he won’t be bored looking at you enjoying yourself.

Thank him for joining you. Get your minds out of the gutter. Literally say thank you. Now if you are at a certain stage in your relationship, then hey, thank the man accordingly for being a lovely date especially if it is something he may not have originally been interested in.

Anything but opera. If your man has an axe to grind against opera, don’t even do it. Even if you paid for the tickets yourself, do not try to convince, trick, or lie to get him up in there. Opera is tough. Don’t push it even if you planned a surprise burlesque thank you show after.

No musical revivals. Save this for your fellow theatre heads so you can ooh and ahh and trade notes. If he doesn’t like the theatre he’s going to be lost, bored and ready to leave at intermission. This is the equivalent of watching ESPN classic and not liking sports. If you aren’t a fan, you aren’t going to appreciate the magic that is unfolding and how it lays the foundation for what’s happening today.

The next thing he wants to do that you may not be that into, do it with no complaints and a smile. It’s only fair. Especially if he was a good sport at your event. Reciprocity and compromise is essential in every relationship.

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