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I Had a Veggie Burger and I Liked It


Well, it’s two weeks after my master cleanse, and because I am loving that my stomach isn’t hanging out of my pants nearly as much as they used to, and I can fit old clothes, and there’s not an unsightly bulge when I wear form- fitting shirts, I have a very real fear of incorporating meat back into my diet for awhile.

Seems silly doesn’t it? But I think meat and fast food was my slippery slope to being 20 pounds overweight in the first place.

I’m not quite sure if I want to go all the way vegetarian, but now that I’ve been three weeks meat free (I do eat seafood), not having as much meat as I used to seems to be a good look for the long haul.

I’m not a big steak person so giving up beef isn’t that big a deal. I converted to turkey burgers a long time ago, only eating beef burgers from time to time. I eat pork a couple of times a year, usually ham for holidays and my family recipie of chopped North Carolina Style bbq (also known as pulled pork). I make that like once in the summer. Once again, I happily replaced pork bacon with turkey bacon in my diet.

The only problem I have is with chicken. I seriously think that I could probably eat chicken every day of the week, and I probably have sometimes. I’m glad the master cleanse has given me so much discipline over the way I eat. I really think about it now. Which brings me to trying the veggie burger. My friends keep telling me, there’s no reason to fear chicken. Just don’t fry it all the time, and don’t go nuts at Popeyes. They are probably right, but I’ll decide on meat after I go to a wedding and wear an awesome dress next week. I may even push it to Thanksgiving so I can show my mother my progress and she can stop asking me if “I’m in the family way.”

The real test was if I could actually like Burger King’s veggie burger which is made by Morningstar (which would also let me know if it was worth buying a few patties to make at home). I know, I just mentioned I had a fast food problem… some would say why is this a good test? But that’s what I decided to do. I was lazy. I forgive myself.

I went after work for my dinner. It was actually good. I had lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup on it, even though I did ask for cheese and I wanted pickles too. But it took so long to make (other vegetarian blogs warned about this), I didn’t get snobby.

I got home and took a bite. It wasn’t bad. It actually had a taste to it. I was pleased. This could be something else to work into my new diet.

I had to laugh because I’ve had two vegetarian boyfriends in my lifetime, one of whom wanted me to like veggie burgers and bbq tofu so bad, and I was unmoved. I actually texted him to tell him I haven’t eaten meat in three weeks. He probably didn’t recognize my number, lol.

Either way, much to my surprise. I had a veggie burger and I liked it.

Fortunately it didn’t taste like a tire. And unlike Katy Perry’s hit song “I Kissed a Girl (and I Liked It)” it didn’t taste like cherry chapstick either.

Wonder if I can really lose 30 by 30… 10 down 20 to go… Now to find the right exercise regimen that I won’t get bored with or stop doing…

The Master Cleanse and Why It’s Not (just) a Bunch Crap (literally)

courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

So, as I head into 30, I decided there’s some ish I need to leave behind.

I’ve been through ups and downs emotionally and professionally this year and that is sure to continue as long as I’m breathing, but how I handle these ups and downs is something I’ve been examining lately.

A friend mentioned doing the Master Cleanse together because we both have been complaining about lacking direction in life, being fustrated with men and being tired of being sick and tired. I thought about it, and honestly deciding not to eat for 7 days actually did appeal to me.

I grew up in a religious household where it was not unusual for my parents to participate in the most strict of fasts. No food, no liquids for three days. You had no choice but to depend on God and your ears were wide open to listen to what He had to say.

The Master Cleanse had a number of purposes, I could do a modified version of the spiritual fast my parents did, but for longer and still be functional for work. The other reason besides wanting to show God I’m serious about getting focused on whatever is to come my way in the next year, I won’t front. Finding out you can drop a few pounds does make it even more appealing.

I thought the people I watched in youtube videos were trippin on the first day. Please watch my favorite Master Cleanse person, Heavenlee315! She is so inspirational. I’d totally hang out with her. As time went on in their 7, 10, 14, 20 and even 30+ days of drinking a lemonade, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper concoction, they all reported feeling pretty good despite not having even a morsel of food. (Surely, I thought they were full of it… which they were… full of toxins and crap which the master cleanse helps you get rid of.)

Well, for the most part, they were right. I didn’t wake up feeling groggy like I normally do, nor did I feel the urge to stay in bed “five more minutes.” It was shocking. I felt refreshed.

I did realize how much I depended on food to make me feel better. If things went bad, I ate. If things went well, I ate.

The second day it was like my body knew the times it usually ate and was saying, “Hold up! What are you doing? Feed me!” I said no. And kept drinking my water and my lemonade. By the third day, when those times like lunchtime and dinner came around, my body got over it.

Another thing I realized in terms of food and food dependency is, there’s a whole lot of food commercials on TV. I think even if you don’t really want to eat, the mad men on Madison Ave. really convince you through all those commericials that you should be stuffing your face. All. The. Time. Once again, my body had a trigger for when I was on the couch and watching TV that I should be snacking or having my dinner. So, realizing my habits, I have decided to eat my meals at my table no matter what and if I snack, not to do it on the couch. Maybe have a small serving at the kitchen counter instead of bringing a whole bag of chips to the couch with me.

Stay tuned for more of my insights on the Master Cleanse because I’m learning a lot about myself and have come to a number of conclusions about who I am, what I’m doing and where I’m trying to be.

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