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That thong, tha, thong, thong, thong.

I was preparing for a date yesterday when one of my dearest friends dropped by to catch up.

“Make yourself useful and help me figure out what to wear on this date,” I said.

I tend to think that I have an excellent sense of style. I love reading fashion magazines and blogs, I get a kick out of helping other people come up with outfits for special occasions. I’ve read that Aquarian women have the tendency to mix and match things and pull stuff off that if other folks tried, it would be a disaster. We can be quirky and comfortable in our skin. And I do believe that, the fashion risks I take, I’m way more riskier than the majority of my friends, but I feel wherever I am, I’m always appropriate.

This particular night I was quite nervous about how my ensemble was going to turn out, because my date is actually a pretty fashionable guy. I’ve never seen him without a blazer or a nice sweater. I’m used to being the better dressed one out of a couple, so I have to say, this person makes me really think about what I decide to put on.

After switching out a number of tops, to go with a very lovely soft white sweater and jeans and high-heeled booties with just the right necklace, my friend reminded me to please, please not ruin it all by having a panty line. I argued that I was going to put on my seamless undies, because thongs get on my nerves.

I came back out and twirled around, my butt did look like a box rather than a lovely round mound. It wasn’t flattering.

So I reached in the panty drawer, dug around and found my one and only thong.

“You only have one thong?” my friend asked in disbelief.

I told her yes, and it was the most comfortable one I’ve ever had. But she was right, my butt did look awesome and natural in my jeans and it reinvigorated my interest in Sisqo’s muse in the early 2000s. The only problem is, I need a soft comfy thong, I just don’t want a string in my butt.

The thong conversation and even getting ready for a date reminded me of actually caring about my appearance and being excited about the potential of something and actually wanting to impress and be my best.

I won’t lie, I’ve been dating for a very long time and I’ve taken on an attitude that people should take me as I am, and I haven’t been putting in a lot of effort. I’ve either been waiting for a man to do something that blows me away, or for him to mess up beyond belief so I can get rid of him.

But some of that is on me, you do have to put your best foot forward and if you are interested in someone showing your interest by looking your best does say a lot about you and your intentions. I don’t think anyone does try to look like a slob when they go out on a date, but in general society has become very casual about a lot of things and it shows in the way we dress. So, I have been thinking about my “wow” factor and how to not take people in your life for granted and that sometimes you do have to step it up, put on some heels and wear a thong…

So I’ll see yall later. Looks like if got some underwear shopping to do…

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