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29tolife Is Two Years Old!!!!

Do you know what todaaay iis? It’s my blogaversary!!! Break out the Tony, Toni, Tone and some champizzle!

Two years ago, I started on this journey and I’m so blessed and proud and happy to have done it, and stuck with it and grown.

Through this blog, I opened up about who I really am, the good, the bad and the ugly and I’ve done a lot of self-examination. There were times I was right about certain things, and times where I was horribly wrong.

Just like looking at your old middle school yearbook, some times I cringe when I look at my early posts. Sometimes they feel, in my mind to be juvenile or silly. But it was me. And that’s cool.

I want to say thank you to the people who have been following this blog from the start, and the boost in readership that I got from being Freshly Pressed. I want to thank the people who found me by searching for something else and I want to thank you for staying.

I want to thank the folks who like my posts and I want to thank the folks who comment and say they get it too.

You all have really lifted me up. Two years ago, I would have never thought that thousands of people have stumbled into my world, and took time out of their lives to read what little ol me had to say. Two years ago, I would have never imagined having more than 300 folks who have signed on to stick with me and be followers of this blog.

You all have blessed my life and allowed me to be me, and in turn, gave me enough confidence to take the blog me, to the real world and try to be that person everywhere. This has been a real gift.

So I hope we can all celebrate together and enjoy!

Freshly Pressed and I Ain’t Talkin’ About A Suit


Before I go back to my regularly scheduled program of random ramblings  about my life, I felt I’d be completely remiss not to mention how thrilled I am to have been Freshly Pressed last week.

Thanks to the new followers of the blog who stopped by and decided to stay awhile. Thanks to the folks who started following me early on, and who showed me love on their blogs. Hyperactive Inefficency, Kiss and Hide, Sorry I Am Not Sorry.

I do want to warn you folks that even though my Freshly Pressed blog post was about Zumba, I’m not a fitness blogger. So I hope that doesn’t disappoint you.

I write about all sorts of things that cross my mind. Things that excite me and make me happy (great shoes), being a daddy’s girl, things that make me sad (ending an engagement), and things that make me shake my fist and say “that ain’t right!” (not getting a pickle spear with my sandwich).

I talk about sometimes feeling uncomfortable and awkward situations that happen at work (including my fear of doing a number 2 at work) and the pressure people put on themselves to be a certain way or obtain a certain level of “success” by a certain time.

When I started this blog, I wanted to talk about my journey to turning 30 and take the fear and anxiety I pretended not to have out of the whole thing.

As for the Zumba post, I’m blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response. I even appreciated the people who said I was mean, and bitter and judging other people to make myself feel better.

I was moved by the people who told me how much weight they’ve lost by doing Zumba or making other changes in their lives. I was thrilled that people who were a little unsure about trying Zumba said they were willing to try it now.

I loved the folks who proudly proclaimed and embraced their clumsyness and shake what their mama’s gave em with no fear. I’m proud of the curvy women who stepped forward and said how much they love themselves and how good they feel when they are moving their bodies.

I was encouraged by actual Zumba instructors who wanted to share the blog post.

All of you reminded me of how powerful writing is and how powerful writing with honesty and a little humor can be. The human experience of wanting to be better people, wanting to be healthy and being a bit jealous of people who look the part is something we all share. Thank you for understanding, laughing and saying, “Hey, me too!”

You reached out from all over the world, and I heard you and I tried to respond to as many of you as possible to show my appreciation. If you like the blog and stick around, I thank you. If you stick with me for a couple of weeks and find I’m not your style, please know I still appreciate you taking the time to read and find at least one post that resonated with you.

Collectively, you all made my week, month, year. Even if I’m never Freshly Pressed again, I’ll still tell my grandkids about this moment. I do not take what happened last week lightly. In fact, I still have a hard time believing it. But the stats from last week are an excellent reminder. I am humbled, yet I feel quite validated as a writer.

Thank you again! I’m floating on air.

Now it’s time to get back to writing…

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