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‘I Hope He Doesn’t Need a Kidney’


I’m sorry, I said it, but there was raw emotion coming out. The worst of all my worst exes of all time decided like the resilient wack-a-mole he is to pop up again.The rat king has arisen.

About three years ago after ignoring him for about two years already, I broke my silence when he kept calling and leaving messages in the middle of the night and saying dumb things like, “You must want me to call, you never changed your number.”

I respectfully told him to leave me alone because we had nothing to talk about. He was a married man with children. I wished him and his family well and offered my condolences for the passing of his father, and I told him if he cared at all about me, to please honor my request and to never contact me again.

After all of that, he ended our conversation by calling me bitter.


This was the same man, who cheated on me repeatedly during our relationship. The same man who moved another woman into his place and dating me while I was out-of-state doing an internship.

He was “helping her out from an abusive relationship.”

This was the same man who accused me of cheating, but admitted to letting his ex girlfriend suck his dick, because he thought I was cheating.He always thought I was cheating. I once caught him snooping through my personal belongings to look for evidence.

So there’s the background.

Today, he decided to send me a request via everyone’s favorite professional social networking site LinkedIn. Attached to his request was the following, “Peace please. A lot has changed. I would like to catch up.”

Here’s the amazing thing.

I forgave him for all of his horridness even when I asked him years ago to please leave me alone.

But in this man’s mind, I’m still holding on to grudges.

It is in fact the complete opposite. I’m not. I’m choosing to keep toxins out of my life. We honestly do not have anything to talk about moreso now than ever. Our disaster of a relationship was nearly a decade ago. As I told my friends, even if he wants to apologize now, it’s really alright. I don’t need it.

Even trying to have a friendly conversation with this man, in my opinion is like trying to play pinata with a hornets nest.

There are no winners.

My sister laughed and said, “Talk about yesterday’s news.”

To which I responded, “He missed Black History Month by just a few days, because that’s exactly what he is.”

Another friend asked, “Are you going to respond?”

To which I replied, “Hell naw.”

“I hope that [n word ending with -a] doesn’t need a kidney.”


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