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Cutting Down on the Negatives

Ok, my charming, witty homie ShoesOverBooze, of Kiss and Hide has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. She reposted my blog post on her blog and also took part in my Do Something Movement challenge that I wrote about a few days ago.

She’s off to a great start and she shared some very real and honest stuff. I wish her the best of luck and I’m sure she is going to reach her goals!

I beat myself up a lot too! I’m going to work on that one as well. 🙂 Go girl, you are just awesome!

Read what negative behaviors she’s going to defeat right here…


Cutting Down on the Negatives.

My Five Negative Actions, My Five Positive Actions to Replace Them

Hey everyone! 

I have a number of items to tackle in today’s post, so let’s get to it!

On my last post, I challenged myself and extended the offer to you fine folks to…

Write down five negative habits or things you do, and then write down five things to cancel out that negative behavior and do it for a week. I believe there was some experiment about habits, and that if you do something over a certain period of time, you will have trained your brain to just do it. So, I’m hoping if I exchange my negative behavior for one positive behavior to address the issue for a week, it will start the programming process. 

So let me share my list with you.

1. Not eating breakfast everyday.

Action: Eat some kind of breakfast every day.

2. Not working out everyday including weekends.

Action: Got to work out at least an hour everyday, and Saturday and Sunday too. Can’t take a break. Got to find that one hour.

3. Not obsess about my scale and get upset about lack of progress if I have a setback.

Action: Only look at the scale once a week. Move my scale to the closet and out of the bathroom.

4. Cut down on eating out. 

Action: Bring my own lunch. Go to the grocery store and COOK!!! Narrow eating down to three times a week including weekends. Argh. 

5. Not praying enough

Action: Morning prayer when I get up. Night prayer when I go to sleep. 

I appreciate the folks who reached out to me and said they will be challenging themselves to replace some negative habits for at least one week. I am so motivated to take this seriously, because others took what I said to heart. Thank you soooo much! Folks listen to me!!! 🙂 I truly hope whatever it is you’ve chosen, when the week is up, you feel proud of yourself and you continue to stick with the better, more positive replacement action!!! And hey, for those of you looking from the outside in. You don’t even have to do five! Please pick just one thing! Just one! I’m so sure that you’ll feel so good that you were able to stick to that one change in your life. Even if it’s to smile more, or smile at three people each day. Maybe you don’t keep in contact with people. Pick seven people and decide to call them, or write them a letter and put it in the mail for each day of the week or call a person a day. Have a conversation and tell them what they mean to you. I’m telling you, it will make a difference in not only your life, but theirs!!! A lot of my stuff is weight and food and health-centered, because frankly, that has been the main thing on my brain. But you can pick anything that’s negative in your life. How do you respond to people? Do you think you are lazy sometimes? I know I do. I wonder if I don’t smile enough, especially at work. So pick ANYTHING! Keep me posted. 

You did something! 

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