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Slacker Blues

I’m a slacker.

It’s been several days and I just let 29tolife just go…

But in my defense, an odd, powerful, quick storm called “derecho” basically shat all over the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area leaving more than 1 million people without electricity (that includes air conditioning in 100 degree weather) for several days.

For me, it was three days. Others are still trying to survive and I feel horrible for them. It’s been rough.

The storm made trees look like spilled crayons all over various neighborhoods. It was insane.

Fortunately, I was able to seek shelter with one of my good friends and her darling son, I ate good food and even checked out a farmers market and bought 20 sticks of incense for $1 and a unique gift for the fabulous L.A. cousin who showed me such a good time a few weeks ago. Way to make lemonade, eh?

So, while I was more concerned with conserving my phone battery and trying not to melt or spontaneously combust from the sweltering heat, I did not get to write any insightful or wonderful blogs.

Even if I tried, it would say.

“I’m hot. That is all I have the energy to say. Thank you.”

I would like to announce that I am starting to cross items off my summer bucket list, but hanging out with one of my friends who made a list too, I decided to add more. I can cross off outdoor concert! Whoo hoo.

Tubing down a river

Cooking class

Drive in theater (I found one! They have an awesome menu too.)

Obstacle course race?

This was not on my bucket list, but I started writing crazy haiku as a stress reliever and it was actually darn funny. You can check these ramblings on a sister blog, Ratchethaiku.

So, I promise to bring it in upcoming days. I’ve got more bff drama (the same damn one, half-assed apologies and dramatic email exchanges), and I’m trying to figure out if there’s any spark between me and my older gent and whether or not he’s going to get a first class ticket to Friendville.

Stay tuned my friends.

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