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Cleaning Closets and Musical Reunions: This Is Kind of an SWV Album Review

This post is kind of random, as all of my posts are really.

In preparation for a charity clothing swap this weekend, I took to my closets and attempted to purge.

I think I did a great job.

I finally let go of some stuff I swore I’d fit into if I lose like 30 pounds in the next four days.

I let go of barely worn shoes that hurt my feet too much, that were collecting precious space on my shoe rack and collecting dust.

I amassed far more than the five pieces everyone is expected to bring and that made me feel good.

It also made me feel good to pull out these old clothes and the memories and adventures attached to them (from as far back as college and high school).

I even managed to unearth a vintage USA Grant Hill Dream Team Olympic Games Jersey from the ’96 games. Gee whiz. I’m keeping that.

I also got to retire one of my most scandalous and infamous club tops.

I was laughing hysterically at some of this stuff, meanwhile I was not only giving away the tacky, but some lovely summer dresses and my first boucle suit (every classy woman must own a Chanel-inspired boucle suit).

This purge made me think of old friends, boyfriends, fun times, mischievous times and big mistakes. I wasn’t sad to see these clothes go, I actually felt great, because now I can either get new clothes at the swap or buy some without guilt. Whoo hoo!

What makes my spontaneous late night closet cleanse even more fitting, is the fact one of my favorite R&B girl groups of the 90’s, SWV dropped their new cd today. From articles I’ve read, I think their last album was 15 years ago.

I will never forget how I felt when “I’m So Into You” came out. It always made me dance and just get dizzy from the prospect of what the hell it will feel like to fall for someone and have them like me back. Then “Weak” was the super love jam of the 90s and that beat from “Anything” sent the summer parties into a frenzy. Hearing Coko belt “Anything you want me to do, I’ll do eeet” was the part everyone waited to get to. That song and Nate Dogg and Warren G’s “Regulators” were the only reason folks bought the “Above the Rim” soundtrack.

I’ve been listening and sampling and the first couple of songs from “I Miss Us” successfully took me back to Long Island summers, Hot 97, roller skating and crushing on the track star, and going to watch boys play basketball. As the cd went on, to my delight in addition to doing those songs they do so well, they were also singing the grown woman stuff I could relate to right now. I don’t foresee it being the best-selling album ever, but the die-hard fans who miss feeling butterflies and passing (paper) notes are going to put this on repeat. These ladies have been through some things, they are mature, but they still have a sugary sweetness that makes you want to round up the crew, get a karaoke machine and crash a high school talent show.

Here’s to the old, the new, the mortifying things of your youth that make you fall out with laughter now.

Here’s to SWV and their latest. Co-Sign. Well done ladies. Yall cover of Patti LaBelle’s “If Only You Knew.” Lawd. And Coko ain’t the one going in at the end. This album erre body is sanging lead. That’s what’s up, Lelee and Taj!

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