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Tired Of Shopping

I am tired of shopping. Like, I am basically done with my Christmas shopping. And I’m glad.

I guess it’s tiring because I want to give people good gifts and I really put thought into it. It’s easy to buy random crap and hand it out.

It takes effort to get something for folks and really take into consideration their likes or anticipate something they didn’t realize they’d enjoy so much.

Between online shopping and going H.A.M with my bestie back home at the outlets, for the first time ever, I don’t think I will have to do any last-minute shopping the week of Christmas for anyone.

I am proud.

I did buy some stuff for myself,  and I indulged in the Coach bag I wanted.

I signed my soul away to Coach on Facebook to get a very rare 25 percent off coupon for regular priced items in the store. Not the outlet, the store. They never have sales in the for real, for real store.

I tricked out my social media self, for a bag. Well, I tricked myself out to get a $100 discount on a bag. Either way, I tricked myself for an excellent deal.

I’d do it again. The bag is awesome. Even New Guy approved and said, the black is nice, but the brown says, “I’m here.” And it’s not brown, it’s… let me look it up. It’s cognac!!!

When I was out with my dad, and showed him the bag, he simply said, “For that much, that purse needs to jump on your arm, turn out the light when you leave the house and start your car.”

I told him, it was only a Coach, and if a Coach had to do that, a Louis Vuitton and a Chanel would have to do something ungodly, that I will wisely choose not to talk about with my father.

He shook his head. But he did say there is nothing wrong with working hard and enjoying nice things from time to time. For some people, it’s gadgets, for some it’s shoes and for some it’s bags.

But seriously, I’ve seen malls and outlets too much in the last week.

I’m fatigued from the barrage of sales emails I’m getting every hour on the hour. So I’m glad to basically be done with everyone on my list.

The only thing left on my list is my new laptop! Maybe dad will put in on it as my gift and help a sista out.

I have most of what I want and certainly all I need. I do dig the nine west perfume love fury, and I wouldn’t mind a spa treatment and I’m always down for gift cards to Panera, Chipotle, Potbelly or Subway. Oh, I would like a DVD of one of my favorite movies Best In Show. I could watch that movie a million times! It’s so friggin awesome. And I’ve been looking for Vivian Green’s physical CD “The Green Room.”

Oh! I have to say, I’m a fan of Ruby Tuesday’s menu. They have some really good red velvet cupcakes and this really great cider fizz!!! I know that’s random, but it was really good, and this chicken and shrimp dish was good on calories and actually tasty! Hurray Ruby Tuesday!

Who else has finished shopping? And who else is already tired of shopping? And that’s hard for me to say, I usually enjoy it, but I’m tired. I really don’t need to see another mall for a minute.

Even though I’m never home for actual Christmas day, I did try to put myself in the holiday spirit and break out my little “single girl tree.” It is no muss, no fuss. I plug it in, it lights up, it’s small, I throw a few dollar store ornaments on it and I’m set! I do like to put all the presents I wrap for other people around it to make it look real baller.

Fun fact about me.

I really enjoy wrapping gifts.

Like, I take it seriously.

It soothes me.

I should volunteer to wrap gifts this year for charity at the mall.

So I think I’ll wrap gifts this weekend! Whoo hoo.

Happy shopping dear ones!

Too Soon? The Christmas Gift Conundrum

So, as we dive head first into the most aggressive time of year in the shopping season, I’ve been trying to get ahead of the ball by figuring out what the hell I’m going to get folks for Christmas.

Shopping for grown folks is already hard enough. That’s why I try to purchase awesome things when I see them all year long.

This almost always works out for one of my best friends who I randomly see stuff, then think of her and buy. So she’s basically done.

My parents on the other hand, gee whiz. I feel like I’ve done it all. I can’t afford to send them on vacation, so I guess I haven’t done it all. Something to put on the vision board for next year.

I have an idea of what I want to do for my sister, so I may stick to that. Then there’s my brother-in-law, eh, not sure what to do about him.

My nephew is easy, because I always ask my sister to email me his Christmas list and I just pick something, order it and have it sent to the house.

There’s one new addition to the list, and if things continue to go as well as they have been, I think it’s totally reasonable to get New Guy a gift.

Two of my friends have already suggested to keep it very simple, and under $25.

I sort of agree, I sort of don’t. I have a feeling things will continue to progress, and while I won’t go nuts, if I do get a more expensive gift, it would be tickets to something or something for us to do together.

My wish list this year is pretty simple.

I would gladly take gift cards to places like Chipotle or Panera. I would also take a gift certificate to a spa in a heartbeat.

Two gifts I will probably get for myself will be this lovely coach bag I’ve been wanting and a cute watch (gold or rose gold).

I feel like I treat myself in various ways all year long. 🙂

Any suggestions on what to get the New Guy that isn’t too much, but isn’t too little?

I love this episode of the Big Bang Theory. I love how they deal with the struggle of gift giving. Sheldon is too cute this episode. http://youtu.be/Q1_zVswbW8s

In honor of the shopping season and the impending arrival of Christmas….

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