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Secret Travel Obsessions

I have obsessions that come and go.

My most recent was looking for the perfect mid height, chunky, strappy high heel, that would work well for my upcoming trip to New Orleans this summer.

I found them. I’m good.

But I have another. There’s a show on T.V. called “Sweet Retreats” where people go to a city they want to vacation in and have a choice of three kinds of vacation homes they want to rent. They visit the homes, weigh out the pros and cons of each and pick a winner.

I think renting homes and bed and breakfasts are probably the most awesome way to go when you are vacationing and you are as serious about relaxing as you are seeing stuff. Hotels to me, are convenient and places to lay your head and shower. But rentals and B&Bs feel way more homey, and you can even taste the memories later on. Staying in places like that, to me, really feels like you are a part of the experience and the community you are visiting. You can cook or order take out, but eat on plates. You can really relax, and if you are sharing with others, there’s more space and privacy.

When my cousin had a lovely rental in the heart of Catalina Island, I thought to myself, yes. This is how you do it. I stayed in a lovely hotel, but we spent a good amount of time hanging out, eating and drinking and cooking at the rental.

You can really make it a party, when you have your loved ones around in a paradise-like place, and usually, as “Sweet Retreats” reveals, when you split up the cost, spending $2,000 for a six-bedroom two- or three-bathroom house for a week among you and the homies, it’s a pretty good deal.

I wouldn’t advise getting into such an endeavor with shady friends or family members, but if you know your crew is good for the cash, and won’t annoy the hell out of you for a week, I think it’s worth doing.

I would honestly love to chill in a lovely rental home either near the beaches of anywhere from the Mid Atlantic on down to the south. Another friend recommended the Poconos. I’m down for that too.

I’m also having a growing interest in visiting new places in the United States that I would have never gone before. There are some spots in Colorado, Utah (Park City), Arizona (Sedona), New Mexico and Kentucky (the Makers Mark factory) that I’d love to see.

I’m dying to travel out of the country too. One of my good friends tends to have the attitude that it ain’t a real vacation if it ain’t on a beach outside of the U.S. That is cool, but for me, honestly if I can get some fresh air and sunshine in a beautiful place and there is a pool, I don’t have to be on a beach.

Not sure, but as I get older, I want the planning and execution of my vacations to be just as uncomplicated and drama-free as my actual vacation. I don’t have to have strict wall-to-wall plans for every moment of the day, I don’t care about night life as long as there’s a bar someplace or a movie theater. I guess as a working adult, the ability to relax is paramount.

Everywhere I visit, I always book a spa appointment. And I always yelp restaurants. I also look for local theater, historical sites and museums and where shops are. It’s only right.

So what do you tend to look for when you are planning your trips and vacations? Do you need lots of excitement? Beautiful scenery? Peace and quiet? Adventures that test yourself?

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