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Top Tips for a Successful Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out



What happens when you tell hundreds of women to show up to a large venue, grab a large goodie bag filled with beauty products and samples, offer them free liquor all night and access to vendors selling jewelry, beauty products, clothes, bags and beauty services?

It’s a mixture of madness, ecstasy, poor financial decision making, peer pressure, and euphoric delight.

It’s that time of year once again ladies. Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out is upon the fine, well-dressed lady citizens of the D.C. Metro area. Tonight is the first night of two.

A dear friend will be joining me tonight as we enjoy the free swag and liquor and see what we can see.

I’m excited. I went about two or three years ago and while somethings were a little too pricey for me, there were still reasonable options and thanks to the famous goodie bag, whether you buy anything or not, you still won’t leave empty handed.

The concept is genius really. Go to major cities, get great sponsorship from companies who want to reach women, have them agree to give out free stuff and give small business owners a chance to sell their wares and give them exposure to women, who right after work want to hang out, get drunk and spend money on pretty things. The only thing missing that would make this event perfect is access to food and male strippers or at least half naked men serving the drinks.

I think the no food thing is a psychological trick to get us even more drunk to buy more stuff. It’s from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The funniest thing of all is, since with the exception of gay buddies, there are no men, but the women in attendance still dress to the nines. I guess it goes with the theme of being fashionable women and no one wants to disappoint. Today’s outfit is fantastic. Cobalt blue pants I recently scored at Target, an animal print blouse and since it is ridiculously warm for early March, a simple light, long black jacket and my awesome shoes that I made reference to purchasing in a previous post.

I don’t plan on going nuts, but I do have a few key things in mind in terms of not going nuts spending money.

I wouldn’t mind getting some really great smelling soap or candles.

I am on the hunt for a great, yet inexpensive statement necklace. The last time I went, it was my friend’s birthday and the vendor not only gave her a discount, but threw in a ring for free.

I love a great, creative tee shirt that I know I won’t see anywhere else.

Handbags are awesome, but they need to be damn near giving them away. The last time I went, I was able to get a great discount toward the end of the night. The vendors are tired and want to make a sale.

So here are my tips to have great and successful shopping experience at Sheckys.

Be polite and strike up conversation with the vendors. They want to sell to you and if you aren’t a jerk, they like to give you discounts. Some people look at stuff, throw it around, don’t speak, don’t ask questions or even say loudly how it’s too expensive or not cute enough to be that expensive. Each table is like visiting someone’s home. These folks have gone to great expense to sell these items, or make these creations. Show some respect, it goes a long way. 

Don’t buy the first things you see. Keep walking around, you don’t want to burn your budget and then get mad you can’t buy something you really wanted that you saw later on in the evening.

You can haggle.

Wear proper undergarments. They have some makeshift dressing rooms (and with all the drunk women someone may bust in on you), but you also want whatever you try on to have optimal fit.

Wear comfortable shoes. There’s lots of walking around and people standing and congregating. I’m wearing wedges, but I’ve also got those fold up shoes.

Eat a good, heavy lunch. You don’t want to get there and be grumpy, and you don’t want to drink on an empty stomach.

Too Grown for a Christmas List??? Nope, Not Me

I’ve decided I am not too grown to have a Christmas list.


After all, I’m being helpful to the people I love the most. I mean, I’m not going to have a detailed list like I did as a kid, where I actually cut the pictures out of catalogs and circulars (finding the lowest price), but I think it’s a good idea to have some reasonable things in mind when family and friends ask you, “So what do you want for Christmas?”

Shopping for grown people can be a pain. You don’t want to waste your money by getting someone a crappy gift and you don’t want the people you like and love to think you are just some thoughtless twit phoning it in.

For people who aren’t that close to me like coworkers and such, they can’t go wrong with a $10 gift card to any of my favorite lunch haunts (Chipotle, Panera, Potbelly). It’s a great, usable idea that will never be a waste. I also love Ghirardelli peppermint bark. That is addictive and it’s seasonal so it’s not going to always be around. Or pick me up a box of Zen Tazo tea. Those things make me happy and it’s inexpensive. One year I purchased cases of diet Coke for co workers who were always wanting a can, but not wanting to go to the vending machine. They were set and they were thrilled. So simple!

I do expect my dad to get me a new digital camera, he helped me break it during our family reunion this summer and he hinted at replacing it.

I told one of my homies that I really, really want a nice infinity scarf and I saw a nice one for under $20 at Nordstrom.

There’s another awesome Michael Kors scarf that’s a little more pricey that I would feel better about treating myself to rather than having them cop it for me.

I saw this Lulu Townsend brass knuckle clutch at DSW, and it’s kick ass. It’s red and they don’t have it in black, and I don’t even mess with a lot of red, but I just want it. I’ll figure out what I can put it with later. I’m the queen of oversized bags, but this one made me stop and take notice.

You are my homie for life if you get me a gift card to the eyebrow threading place I go to. Sometimes I forgo it to be cheap and tweeze at home, so it’s a real treat to me. I think if your friends go to the same eyebrow spot or nail salon, it’s a no-brainer to give them a gift certificate to the places they frequent for personal upkeep.

Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar (big or travel size). The only product that truly moisturizes my face for real, for real. Especially the times of year when my nose starts peeling! This is a perennial winner because the large jar of hope in a jar should last you until next Christmas when someone can buy it for you again. These are the luxury beauty splurge items that can last, and you feel a lot better when someone else gets it for you.

Body by Burberry perfume. It smells nice. That is all.

The Lockheart wedges from report shoes. I saw these in an outlet near my parent’s house over the holiday for $70 bucks. They usually go for $90. I couldn’t pull the trigger, because I was being responsible, but damn, they are hot. These are stupid hot, because they give the illusion of a regular heel, but upon closer inspection, it is indeed a wedge.

I also am cool with new dishes, pans and knives. Is it just me, or do you some how lose forks? I don’t understand that.

Speaking of kitchen items, this is too expensive for someone to buy me, but because I’m flat-footed, when I cook for a long amount of time, my feet start to hurt really bad. These Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats are the truth and can provide me a little relief, while I’m preparing the grub.

I’m a salsa-making champion. This bowl makes sense for my life. Love the store Uncommon Goods. They have awesome quirky gifts.

That’s what this girl wants. Pass it on to my loved ones if you see them in the streets! Make your list too!

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