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Church Families Mourn With Mother Emmanuel AME

I’m hurt and tired today.
With every new story or update in regard to the church shooting in Charleston, SC I just grow more weary and hurt.
I grew up in church. Church was a second home. You’re there so much, it’s bound to happen. You build an extended family there, you go there to be vulnerable. After all, you’re confessing your sins, trying to get free. You cry there, you may dance there or show emotion in a lot of ways that even surprise yourself. There’s a heart connection that happens if and when you let it.
The folks you serve with, they’ll watch your kids, and you trust them to discipline your kids if and when they act up. You may travel with them on mission trips, or even personal vacations because you’ve grown that tight. There’s lunches and dinners and brunches. They shower you with love when you experience positive moments, as well as when you are at your lowest points. When you lose a loved one, they step up to serve the repast meals and make sure you’re eating when it seems like you can’t think to.
You go to church to lay a burden down, and also be a support system to other people who have similar goals of being better people, despite our imperfections, and trying to please God.
It turns my stomach to even think that any person could walk into a church and just start killing people. Millions of people go to church on Wednesday night for prayer meetings and bible studies, kind of like a midweek boost to get over Monday and Tuesday if Sunday’s spiritual high already wore off, and to take them through until Sunday again.
I am praying for the families and the survivors. As quite a few people in my Facebook timeline said, this act of terrorism and violence hit very close to home, regardless of region or church denomination. I don’t know anyone from that church personally, but I think most people who have been blessed to have a church family, the kind of pain that community is going through has to be unfathomable. I pray that the survivors remain strong in their faith and stay close and even get closer to God. Because this kind of situation could easily make a person wonder why? Especially if you’re trying to do the right thing and follow God. Why, didn’t you protect them, God in your own house? Why did you allow this awful person to walk through the doors? It has to hurt so badly.

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One thought on “Church Families Mourn With Mother Emmanuel AME

  1. It hurts…

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