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No New Clothes Challenge

There are reminders all over my house that I have a huge shopping addiction.

The “good” shopping bags, with sturdy handles, that I refuse to thow away.

The clothes hanging in the closet with tags still on them.

And the overflowing laundry baskets and “handwash” or “to the cleaners” piles are nothing more than monuments to my addiction.

So as a summer filled with traveling (the Bahamas next week, Caribana in Toronto and a family reunion in North Carolina in July), and some good concerts (D’Angelo anyone?) is rapidly, and I do mean rapidly approaching, it makes a girl like me get downright pavlovian when it’s time to decide I need a new outfit worthy of each individual event I attend. Let’s not even forget a wedding in September!!! The clothes, the shoes!!!!

I’ll admit a new clothing item makes me feel good. It’s like celebrating a moment. And why wouldn’t a person want to celebrate going on vacation? Who wouldn’t want to strut through the airport looking and feeling like their favorite celebrities and then being able to take great photos in said outfits to remind you of what a great time you had and how great you looked and felt?

But I’ve come to a serious revelation that my friends have been telling me for years.

I have a lot of clothes.

So I’ve been trying (emphasis on the word trying) to purge more regularly to get rid of older items I don’t wear anymore to continue to make room for the new items I’ve been bringing in. For any local friends, I’ve collected old handbags to give away!!!

As I’ve been starting to think about what I’m going to bring on my vacation next week, it occurred to me, I didn’t need to shop for anything. I already had plenty of items to overpack in my suitcase.

Breezy sundresses?


Fabulous dramatic sun hats?


Proper hand bags ranging from beach totes, to crossbodies, to backpacks for day excursions and clutches for partying at night.

Yup, yup, yup.

Sandals, sneakers, pumps and flats that will get me to my gate comfortably if I have to hustle?

Got it.

Swimsuits that I don’t mind strutting my stuff in? Oh yes. I have swimsuits for each day I’m there.

So after taking inventory, and trying on and selecting clothes that I felt my very best in, I realized, I really didn’t have any pre-vacation shopping to do. That the only thing I really needed was an awesome, sturdy, strapless bra.

In my room standing over piles of clothes I gave myself a challenge. Don’t buy any new clothes for this trip. Wear what you already have. Go to the bottom of your laundry piles and wash clothes you completely forgot about. You have no legitimate excuse to shop for anymore clothes. The perfect outfit for any vacation scenario you can think of is already in your closet.

Rather than going to pinterest to gain ideas of what to buy for your trip, go there to compare what you like to what you’ve already got and work the hell out of it.

After all, you bought it because you liked it, didn’t you?

Besides, the money I’ll save from not buying new clothes can be used towards having an unforgettable experience while I’m on vacation. And you can’t hang that in a closet!

Do you buy new clothes every time you travel?

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3 thoughts on “No New Clothes Challenge

  1. Usually only a swimsuit or a nice dress if it’s for a wedding or something. But I am not a clothes horse. I tend to do the bulk of my clothes shopping (with the exception of underwear) at places like Savers and Goodwill. I actually went to an upscale store last week to buy a decent sports bra and about choked when I realized I was spending $70 on one piece of underwear. In fairness, I do not have buyer’s remorse because it’s an awesome bra, but omg I don’t think I’ve spent that much money on a single garment since I had to buy formal dresses when I was working for a nonprofit that held formal galas.

    • That sounds like quite the bra, but a good investment. There are certain items that people should pay for quality on. There are lots of great finds at Savers, Goodwill and other thrift spots. And when it comes to formal dresses, I haven’t tried rent the runway, but I think it’s a good idea if you attend functions and won’t know what to do with the dress afterwards, or don’t want to run the risk of re-wearing the same dress to every formal event you go to which will get old fast. But I did read a cool article in Lucky Magazine about an editor who splurged on a very expensive cocktail dress and she wore it to several events, changing up the accessories. Some would argue that men buy or rent one tux and wear the same thing to every event, so women could honestly do the same. But I don’t think we can really get away with that. So unfair, right?

      • Yeah, when I actually bought the formals, I wore them to everything. Weddings, other functions where it was acceptable attire…

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