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How To Adult Well

I adore both this post and the writer soooo much. I rarely reblog unless it touches me and makes me feel like I couldn’t have said it better. I gave myself whiplash nodding so much!

The Ink Well

A few weeks ago I was laughing at a FB post that a good friend of mine put up about a particularly tough morning of forgetting her keys, burning her breakfast, and locking herself out of her apartment. She ended the post by saying, “I forgot how to adult.” Several grammar nerds immediately assailed her post and vehemently corrected her use of the phrase “to adult.” She relented and changed it “to be an adult.” Later on I told her that I thought “to adult” was so spot on because an adult is not just a noun, but it’s also a brilliant verb when acted upon well.

Leaving your mama’s house, earning a degree, or knowing how to make a dollar do not automatically equip you with the skills to adult. To adult well takes YEARS of practice. To adult takes an enormous amount of faith, courage, discipline, humility, and…

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