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J’s Pre Wedding Poem

She said, “girl, that was a good poem.”
“I’m going to hire you when I get married.”
I say, why wait?
You see, the man who finds you, and woos you and proves he will care for you– that’s the kind of poetry that will write itself.
The look in his eyes when he looks into yours will be far more powerful than any thing my pen can write.
The deep meaning in his words, when he says, “I love you,” will tear the house down more than anything I could say in a punctuated phrase in a room full of people admiring God’s good work of placing you two together.
Your man is somewhere writing your poem right now, in deep thought and contemplation on how to properly prepare himself for a moment not yet known, yet necessary to his growth as a man– where he will ask and hope you’ll say yes.
And you will. You’ve waited, you’ve had messups and blunders, crooks and liars and you’ve learned my dear how to spot the fakes. He will be like no one else, and you’ll be glad for that. You’ll feel peace and butterflies in the pit of your stomach at the same time, and somehow they will co-exist in perfect harmony.
Girl, I’ma write your poem now, because I believe he’s writing his vows, building his life just right so you can fit in it perfectly. He does not know who he’s working so hard for, but he knows he has to. He knows he has to get it right.
Because you are beautifully blunt.
He’s going to grow to love that scowl, because he won’t see it as if he’s done something wrong, he’ll see it as an opportunity to correct himself.
He will appreciate your ability to argue, he’ll be glad to have a fierce advocate in you for himself, for your children.
I could write on about how you met and fell in love, but that is his story to write with you.
I could write on about how you will face this new life together.
But that is his story to write with you.
You say, “girl, string some words together for that special day.”
And I say, “why wait?”
You deserve a great love poem right now.

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2 thoughts on “J’s Pre Wedding Poem

  1. Ebony Rose on said:

    So you already know I love this!!!! *snaps*

    You are so gifted and sweet.

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