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Single Girl Haiku: Disappointment Strikes Again.

I had a great date
Saturday night lovely
He was married, tho.


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5 thoughts on “Single Girl Haiku: Disappointment Strikes Again.

  1. Ebony Rose on said:


    How did you find out?

    These men out here are a trip!!!! I tell ya!

  2. Girl, he told me. As if it were nothing. We closed out the first restaurant, went to another place for more lively discussion and drinks. Well into the conversation he says, “Oh, did I mention I have a daughter?” The freaky part is this child reminded me of what I looked like as a little girl. Then, he went on to tell the story about his marriage, and how he is still married, but separated.

    And while I do feel for him and his situation and he seems like he absolutely adores his child, I have a firm stance on men with children and an even firmer stance on married folk. It’s too bad, we had excellent conversation. He really kept up with me intellectually and that does not happen often. He even offered to go out of his way to pick me up, and he paid for our meal. I find him attractive and mature and self aware and interesting. We can remain friendly, but I don’t think I can let it go any further than that.

  3. dbaham on said:

    Sigh. No, NO, no me gusta!

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