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Impromptu Poetry– Monogamy

A hand to hold.
An inside joke.
Your scent embedded in my memory.
Knowing where to put my lips when we kiss. My top lip under your top lip, my bottom under yours first.
Sometimes wanting to say, “damn, I wish you didn’t know me so well,” but never really meaning it.
Being relieved you know me too well, because it makes you know better, when others don’t.
You lovingly force me to do better because when I’m too lazy to do it for me, you give me enough strength to do it for us.
A warm cuddle on the couch on a cold winters night.
A playful pat on the flank.
A soft kiss that starts out so innocently, but evolves into something sexy and grown and exciting and rapturous.
You still excite me.
It’s a freedom in our love making. A joy in knowing I trust you completely.
That you will keep me safe. You’ll protect my body, my heart, my sanity, my health. You will honor the covenant between us.
Fidelity is a choice. But one we will choose to choose over and over again, not just because it’s morally right, or we can brag about our discipline, but because above all else, we would never want to hurt one another. Inflicting that kind of pain on one we love most is a two-pronged sword. We will in fact harm ourselves in the process.
Our love and respect keep us alive. We are tethered to one another.
We are one.

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2 thoughts on “Impromptu Poetry– Monogamy

  1. Ebony Rose on said:

    **snaps** Love it! This is so very true and needs to be shared with the world.

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