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Gulp. Two for Nas, Please

The original post I was working on today vanished in thin air, so maybe it was God’s way of telling me it wasn’t really that good or important or useful to whomever decides to read my blog today.

So this brings me to what I’m thinking about right now. We are only a few weeks away from Christmas, and then, well 2014.

Yes, 2014! Ain’t that crazy? I mean here we are, staring down the barrel of 2014. We’ve got more hopes and dreams to take with us into the new year and probably even more stuff we want to leave behind in 2013 and let stay there.

The crazy part is the upcoming holidays didn’t make me think about 2014 and the future, but a decision to buy tickets to see rapper Nas collaborate with the National Symphony Orchestra Pops at the Kennedy Center in March, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hip Hop classic, “Illmatic.”

It’s no secret, faithful 29tolifers know how much I love the Kennedy Center and try to make a trek there at least once, if not twice a year. And usually it’s almost always to check out the Alvin Ailey annual engagement around my birthday in February.

Welp, Nas mashing it up with an orchestra at one of my favorite venues on the planet was too good and too historic and too epic to pass up. While my attendance was a no-brainer, one thing kind of bugged me.

I wanted to bring a date.

I have no problems with attending shows alone, but I’m looking at 2014 and while I’m trying to feel my way in the dark with Wild Card, and have a first date scheduled with a nice guy I’ve been talking to here and there but never met in person… I was trying to see who I could see myself with, there at the show.

Truth be told, I wanted a man to be with me at the show. I love hip hop and I talk about hip hop mostly with men, not women. Me and my boys have spirited discussions and it’s so much fun. Plus, I wanted to be decked out to the nines with an equally decked out, good-smelling male companion to this groundbreaking, genre-shattering experience. I had to listen to the album on spotify to start preparing. My mind is spinning with how an orchestra is going to interpret this music. But Nas has always had an ear for music and musicality, and he gives nods to different kinds of music and instrumentation in his songs if you listen carefully.  So this collaboration may not be as awkward as it appears on the surface. The result is going to be insanely dope and I sincerely hope it ends up on Great Performances on PBS. I really have to give the Kennedy Center props for its programming. They push the boundaries. After all, I got introduced to bounce queen Big Freedia in all her twerking glory, prior to Miley, right there. Me and my cousin still talk about that night. But I’ve enjoyed gospel, spoken word, all sorts of events at the Kennedy Center and the folks there are doing an amazing job. That place is among my dream places to work.

But back to me.

Will anyone, especially Wild Card be around to even accompany me to this event all the way in March??

We all know time flies and March will be here before you know it, but it still feels like a long way off. I peered at the seating chart, trying to decide if I wanted to buy one or two tickets and then I sent a text to wild card. I asked him if he liked Nas, he said yes. (I knew he liked Nas).

Then I told him about the show and my dilemma. Then I asked him if he would be interested in going. He said he was. I half joked that I wasn’t sure if he’d be tired of me by March. He laughed and said he doubted it.

The response did give me a sense of relief that he could see us still hanging out in March, so there was no reason for me not to see it either.

But let us remember, I got burned just last month with the Tweet tickets. So here I am again. Buying tickets to a show, hoping the person I go with will appreciate it and me and it will lead to other great moments. Steadily building into… Something.

I made a joke with friends comparing my latest suitors to the tributes from “The Hunger Games.” Wondering if they would make it until March.

Let’s face it. My latest dating endeavors haven’t lasted beyond a couple of months. Either boredom on my part has set in, or I noticed that it wasn’t going to work, or it wasn’t going anywhere, or the guy wasn’t being consistent enough. No one could really stick. There was no one who I really wanted to stick. It was as if I wasn’t surprised that they exited on their own or were cut loose by me. Le sigh. I’ve started to wonder is it me? Is it the things I’ve been through? Is it me getting older?

And the answer is yes. Yes to all of that. So it’s just a matter of meeting someone who can deal with all of that who I actually like and can deal with all of their baggage and quirks and biases.

So, I took a gulp. Clicked on a second seat and bought two for Nas, please.

This is the closest thing I can find to what may happen. The Roots teamed up with the Dakah Hip-Hop Orchestra (an orchestra devoted to blending hip-hop, blues, world sounds and collaborating with various artists) “The love of my life”

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6 thoughts on “Gulp. Two for Nas, Please

  1. I remember when I was dating my ex he asked me if I wanted to go to black ski weekend in Jan/Feb. I didn’t give him an answer. He said what you don’t think we’ll make it until then(It was October when he asked). I didn’t and I told him so. He gave me this big lecture about how I didn’t believe in us. We didn’t make it past November.

    When I was dating my husband. We planned vacations a year in advance. It just felt right.

  2. Ebony Rose on said:

    So are we just going to ignore the fact that I told you I would be an alternate? Lmbo!!! Someone will come through….

    I’ve never planned a vacation in advance with anyone….not even him (inthe lowest of lowercases ever). I was always afraid we wouldn’t make it. He managed to surprise me with a trip to Vegas, but he admitted we only went bc the trip was paid for.

    I’ve talked about planning a trip with Socks, but but we are 10 months away from going. So yea……….

  3. Wow, Pria!!!
    Talk about when you know, you know– and that’s on both ends of the spectrum. You knew old dude wasn’t going to make it to January, yet you knew your future husband was going to be around. That is awesome.

    It’s weird. I don’t not see Wild Card in my future, but I’m not all positive he’ll be there. I think I just don’t trust it because of my own baggage.

    Ebony Rose, lol. You said you will be an alternate. That still stands. I didn’t realize you were a Nas fan. It’s crazy when there is something in the back of your head that makes you pause like, nah, we ain’t gonna make it. Look at you planning a trip 10 months out with Socks. Things must be going swimmingly, that’s what’s up. We are going to have to catch up on all of that.

  4. dbaham on said:

    Girl… I understand the hesitation. But I’m glad you took the leap anyway. Besides, the reward is soooo much greater than the risk when you think about it, right? On the upside — you guys are progressing smoothly, and he attends and you have an AMAZING night. On the downside, he’s not around and you have alternate to go with you, and you still have an amazing night (just not with him lol).

    I do think it’s telling when you start making plans or even thinking about plans ahead of time though, even for something like a concert. It means, at the very least, you *hope* he’ll be around for it. And where there’s hope…. Me and said guy who makes me smile have gradually started to do this (mostly because I tend to be kinda gun shy). We went from saying cute things like “oh we should visit this place together one day” to actually buying tickets to a concert together a month in advance to now planning to attend a gala in June.

  5. Hmm, is there really something to planning out stuff with people waaay in advance? You ladies have me really scratching my head over here. Sheesh. Maybe I do really want this to work out in my subconscious. Wowzah.

    • Ebony Rose on said:

      dbaham put it best!!!!! Either way you are going to have a ball!!! Something is to be said about planning something with someone that is more than a few weeks out.

      Pria knew what was going to happen in both instances.

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