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You Down With GRE? Yeah, You Know Me

Well folks, queue up the music.

I’m free!!!

I don’t have to think about studying for a while because I took the GRE this weekend. It was a strange feeling taking a test. I hadn’t done it in gasp ten years. So the concept of studying and preparing was something to get used to on top of working and getting in a date here and there.

So I went, took the test, did my best and freaked out because during the math sections I ran out of time. I tried to run back and guess as much as possible, but yeah, that didn’t work out.

One thing I can appreciate is that they will give you raw scores for your math and verbal sections. You just have to wait for people to hand grade your two essays.

So I left there feeling some kind of way about the two numbers the computer spit back at me. Basically, I didn’t kill the verbal the way I expected to, but I do think I did a really good job on the essays. And math, oh, math was math. I wasn’t awesome. At all.

Keeping in mind I suck at math, when I tried to calculate what my potential score could be, it was a little unsettling. Even if I get the highest scores possible on my essay, it appears that if I make the requirement of my grad school, I’m going to make it on the nose.

And if I miss it, I’m going to miss it by a hair. Missing it by a hair will really upset me.

At this point, I can’t take the test again for another 21 days anyway, but I honestly don’t want to take this test again. I don’t.

As one good friend pointed out to me when she pep-talked me, she said not getting the score I need will NOT be the end of the world. I will just try again.

And she’s right. But I prefer not having to “try again” or have to postpone the beginning of my studies.

So after the grueling four hours, I decided to have some lunch, a celebratory sangria and meet up with a friend to see the Best Man Holiday.

Sidebar: It was an awesome movie. I laughed, I cried. It was filled with emotion. The actors were amazing, the clothes, the everything! EVERYTHING!

As for today, part of me knew I needed a pick-me-up after the test, so I scheduled to speak to some local high school students first thing this morning and I came to work late.

I’m pretty glad I did. The kids (mostly 9th graders and seniors) asked really good questions and a few of the students came up to talk to me after. It also didn’t hurt that I hit it off with one of the panelists, handsome and a former NFL player, who lives near me! Yes, lawd!!!

But all of my dreams were shattered when he said, “We bought our house seven years ago.”

I checked for a damn ring while we were on the panel. He wore one on his right hand though. He was so nice and we even walked out together, and when we shook hands, he asked for a hug, so I thought I was onto something. So oh well. He has my card. Just strange.

But all of that aside, the kids. Yes, the kids. They were sweet and I really enjoyed myself. I really love speaking to people. There is something about it. I guess I do like the spotlight a bit. I forgot that about myself. So I need to do more of that. I’m glad I had the opportunity. I really wish I could have done the second class, but we are down a person on my team at work. I love the organization. And the seniors who are apart of the program were poised, polite and just great kids. I enjoyed talking to them too. I look forward to doing more with this group.

Part of me felt funny talking about journalism and how I always wanted to do it, when I’m in the process of changing up. I did tell the kids that the industry changed and I had to change with it and develop other skills, which is what I’ve been doing.

I do think that going to grad school and studying public health won’t completely take me off my path. I think I’ll always write, but I want to do more in a greater sense. The kind of world in journalism I wanted to have just does not exist anymore. Therefore, I got to go where I belong and where I’m supposed to be and taking this step will get me closer to whatever that is.

The panelists all agreed folks have to work hard, dream big and team up with folks who believe in you too to make things happen. I was taking in the information just as much as the kids. I was inspired to hear the setbacks and the accomplishments of the people I was speaking with.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and do something different. I’m glad I did. Going to talk to the kids was actually a perfect way to close out a period of intense study and stress and usher in the holiday season. I can’t wait to spend time with my family and friends. I’m going nuts. I need to get loved on in the worst way. I appreciate all of the friends who called me and asked me about the test, it really meant a lot to know people cared. I’m all mushy.

I blame the Best Man Holiday. That’s enough! Go see it if you haven’t, see it again if you already saw it!









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2 thoughts on “You Down With GRE? Yeah, You Know Me

  1. YAY! Glad you completed it! You took the leap, and it will pay off. Plus, you have a plan B if needed (even if it’s not ideal — ie taking it over). Also, glad you took the time to do some things that rejuvenated you after — taking a test like that can definitely be exhausting, but you put back into your spirit with the movie and the speaking presentation with the kids. Go you!

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