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Unsubscribe, No Not This Blog…

I’m not asking anyone to unsubscribe my blog, in fact, tell a friend.

But I did find that even my junk email account was getting too swollen with emails I didn’t need from stores I only shopped at once for a very specific thing or from organizations that I was mildly interested in for a moment.

And that’s life. If there are people, things, projects, non-projects that just aren’t doing it for you any more or serving a purpose, you can use the brain space for other things instead of spending so much time trying to delete their messages and sales pitches in the first place.

It’s simply time to unsubscribe and cut down on the noise coming into your life. There were a few companies I was subscribing to wondering why the heck are they sending me stuff? Because I said yes, because I wanted a coupon for just that one time.

I think we trade off our time and energy for things we don’t need for an undefined amount of time or keep things going with things/people we don’t need because we said yes, just once and we haven’t shaken those things because we subscribed to them. Now we started getting any and everything automatically because we signed up for it for the short-term.

You are allowed to unsubscribe and get your brain space and time back. Take only what you need and what’s beneficial to you. If that’s not happening regularly, you know where their websites/stores are. You’ll go when you need to. But an email every day? Or several times a week? No. Some of the sites I was on the fence about, they even allowed me to slow down the frequency of how many emails a week a received and you know what? Instead of unsubscribing altogether, I cut down the frequency. Sometimes there are people, projects and things that we just need to cut down the frequency and there’s nothing wrong with that either.  I actually feel better, now that I’ve done so.

So unsubscribe.

Just not my blog though…

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4 thoughts on “Unsubscribe, No Not This Blog…

  1. Funny. I spent some time yesterday removing marketing waste from my inbox for the very reasons mentioned in this post. For me, fewer chimes from the Blackberry = less distractions.

    • I was realizing I was doing more deleting than reading or caring about the products. So yep, it was time to clean house. Felt good. I’ll still get a bunch of emails, but at least I’ll know it’s fewer.

  2. ebonyrose on said:

    Yasssssss! ♡♥♡♥ it

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