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Signs of Life? Maybe

It’s been an interesting weekend, especially since I came off of a week of being generally funky.

I think it ended on a great note. I went on yet another Plenty Of Fish date, that actually ended up being wonderful.

Lunch turned into a movie.

He was good-looking. Could take a joke, creative and he seemed to be very interested. There was smiling and flirting.

He had just the right amount of conservatism that was surprising to me considering his line of work. He doesn’t seem judgemental, but it seems like he has a deep sense of morality.

In my opinion, I’d describe him as a cute Wayne Brady.

I’ve made the executive decision not to really write about him and see how it goes. I’m not sure if me writing about the men I’m dating is the kiss of death, so because I think I like this guy, I’m feeling strangely and uncharacteristically superstitious.

There are just three things that are causing me to try to calm myself down before getting all wrapped up, which seems inevitable because I feel it…the feeling, the tingle. That thang where it all clicks and I know I’m interested. Even at the movie, when we shared an arm rest it didn’t feel uncomfortable. Neither of us moved away.

If it wasn’t the first date, I knew I wanted to nuzzle underneath him. I felt a twinge of electricity every time we brushed against each other or I leaned my head in when he spoke.

So these are my three concerns with ol boy.

1. He’s in the music industry. He was adamant that he was not a rapper, nor had a desire to be a rapper, he prefers being behind the scenes. Oh boy. But it’s not fair to assume he is a philandering playboy who only wants video models, groupies and background singers. We had a discussion about relationships and sleeping around.

2. His last relationship ended in January. I already informed him that he has serious bounce back. After trying to get over my situation for the last two years, in my mind, his situation is fresh. Not sure if I want to be a rebound. No, I don’t want to be a rebound.

3. I was his very first POF date. So I joked that I made it through all of the filters to the big show. He agreed. Later on that night, via text he said he guessed that POF works. I said, “Eh, for once. You were lucky to knock it out the park on the first try.”

So I already know I like this dude.

I was smiling A LOT.

I wanted to touch him.

I was flirting.

I didn’t want the date to end.

I wanted to talk to him more even after the date once I got home.

I was very excited that he said he wanted to get together again very soon. And often said things like, “next time, we’ll…”

I felt comfortable around him.

I thought about sex. I texted one of my homies from the bathroom at the restaurant and said I’d jump on him.

I wanted him to be impressed with me.

I woke up this morning in an awesome mood.

I’m eager to get a text from him today.

I want to see him again.

I reread the text exchanges we have and smile when he compliments me.



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2 thoughts on “Signs of Life? Maybe

  1. I thought your description of him as “a cute Wayne Brady” was funny because I think Wayne Brady actually is cute. Have fun, and don’t rush it! 😉

    • Wayne Brady is cute but I feel like his charm and sense of humor and talent makes him more attractive. But in terms of looks, this new guy does remind me of Wayne Brady for some reason. Either way, win, win.

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