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Punishment for the Pressed

Oh folks.  Call me “can’t get right.” I messed up with The Candidate yet again. Being emotional and silly from my weekend of self pity, I woke up this morning with the bright idea to send him a message and get ahead of what I figured was his impending rejection.  All of a sudden he didn’t contact me and it continued for a few days.

So in my message I say, “Happy Sunday hope all is well. I thought we were going to talk some more.  But it’s ok.  Take care. ”

Several hours later after I finish a long and intense workout to get my mind right and blow off steam, he hits me back. He said he hasn’t been in contact with anyone because there was a death in the family.

I felt smaller than an ant.

My Nike sneaker tasted salty, sweaty and leathery.

I responded with an apology and my condolences. I said I had now a total of two times putting my foot in my mouth and that I was very sorry.

If this man manages to still be interested in me,  I’ve decided it will be a miracle. I let myself get pressed and crazy-the very things I never want to be. And it looks like me and my pride and ego have had to pay dearly and I deserve to learn my lesson in such a manner.



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3 thoughts on “Punishment for the Pressed

  1. dbaham on said:

    Ohhhh no!!! Rushing to judgment and what usually happens after is the WORST! But it’s also a good (awkward, horrible) reminder to sit back and chill sometimes. I hope this isn’t the end of The Candidate 😦

    • I’m on a roll right now, aren’t I? The frustration level is high. I played myself. But. Guess I had to learn this lesson. SMH. Still kicking myself.

  2. dbaham on said:

    Well, don’t beat yourself up too much about it. We’ve all done it. And I’ve certainly done it waaaay more times than I’d care to admit… The trick now is to really learn the lesson and not do it again lol

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