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Am I A Bad Friend?

There are moments in my life where I want to be totally selfish. Those times may be inconvenient for the people I care about and I don’t really mean to be jerky.

Case in point. A dear friend wanted me to help her take out her braids last night. From the moment she mentioned this task, I was already dreading doing it. Just didn’t want to. I know the braid take out can be a long, tiresome process and the more hands involved the better. But no one wants to do that after a full day of work.

So, I totally forgot she mentioned it and I texted her asking what she was doing for the evening. I was on my way to grab some grub. So she shoots back, taking out my braids, I thought you were going to help me. So I texted back that I was in the drive through and if she really needed me she needs to hit me back, because once I got back home I wasn’t leaving. Hell, I had my own hair to wash and tend to.

So she told me since she didn’t hear back from me originally, she got someone else to help.
Taking out braids, painting and moving are the top three things I hate to do for people. Watching children and probably pet sitting is kind of up there too, but because people know I’m not a kid person or animal person, they never ask.

If you want me to take you to and pick you up from the airport, I’m about that.
You want to talk on the phone all night about your problems, cool.
Are you in the hospital? The security guards are going to know me.
You want to drunk dial your ex? I’ll tell you not to do it, but laugh at you when you do.
You want to drive past your exes house at 2 am to see who’s over there? Hey, I got you.
I’m flexible on the moving thing because moving sucks. The more help the better. I don’t like helping to do that, especially if it’s hot, but eh. I can get over that.

So when I was relieved that my friend found someone to take out her braids, was I a jerk?

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3 thoughts on “Am I A Bad Friend?

  1. Love this! No, not a jerk at all. There are a lot of things I will do, but I “forget” the things I don’t want to do, too.

  2. Ebony Jarrett on said:

    You are a GREAT friend!!!

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