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10 questions that will reveal all … (apparently).

I don’t reblog posts very often, but I do like these questions very much and I’m thinking about my own answers to them. Hmmm. What say you?

Campari and Sofa

Russian matchbox dancers (public domain)Psychologists say these are the 10 questions you need to ask to truly get to know somebody. Who knows if that’s true – but I read it in a magazine so it must be. As we are always up for a challenge, Camparigirl and I took to the sofa with the Shrink:

Who are you closest to:
sofagirl: sofafamily and Claudia.
camparigirl: My other half, Sue, my childhood friend Silvia, and my mother

What’s your earliest memory:
sofagirl: A suede rub against my arms and shoulders, the sound of a stretching balloon, a tugging feeling. Then the smell of something rubbery.
camparigirl: my 5th birthday – the hotel porch, the white muslin dress I was wearing and a tall chocolate cake

What’s your biggest fear:
sofagirl: Being poor.
camparigirl: Being sick.

Relaxation is:
sofagirl: Floating in warm sea. With a cocktail near by.
camparigirl: Feet up on the sofa. New…

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3 thoughts on “10 questions that will reveal all … (apparently).

  1. LOVE it – thanks! Would love to see your answers?

  2. Here are my responses…..I will also be reblogging this 🙂

    1. My mom and bestfriend, Angel
    2. Almost falling out of the car when my family lived in Germany. We were crossing one the big bridges and my car door flung open. My brother grabbed me.
    3. Not recovering from heartbreak
    4. Free-style dancing
    5. Motivating ang encouraging others….especially in fitness
    6. Trusting me to do the right thing
    7. I’m mixed. My maternal grandfather is 1/2 White, 1/2 Native American…I just don’t look it, lol.
    8. My 31st Bornday…From start to finish my friends and family made sure I felt special.
    9. Not listening/trusting my gut
    10. Worrying less about my future when it comes to love and relasionships

  3. 1. Hmmm. Who am I closest to? Seems like that changes up sometimes. I have a rotation of about three or four people. It is cyclical, depending where I am in life or where they are and where we intersect.
    2. Earliest memory is strange, but I was a baby and I remember feeling so damn confined in those outfits with the attached feet/booties. Did not like em. And I also distinctly remember what the box of those baby snot sucker outers looked like in the bathroom cabinet. Hated that thing.
    3. I fear death and regret once I get to the end.
    4. Relaxation is incense, aromatherapy, great music, that special person rubbing my head while I lay in their lap, a great glass of wine.
    5. Encouraging others. I really like that.
    6. Loyalty
    7. I showed one boob for beads during Mardi Gras.
    8. Yesterday, when I found out I was selected to be a writing coach for a national program that prepares young people for college.
    9. I’m working on fixing one of em now. But it was opening myself up to a really wonderful person, who maybe one day, I could end up madly in love with.
    10. I’m trying to identify and change the things I need to change. But my laziness with my exercise and weight loss. That’s a big thing.

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