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Lancelot Asked the Question, And He’s Still Fresh

April Fools is already over.

He didn’t ask me that question. C’mon now people.

But after randomly asking me to dinner via text whilst I was in the dentist chair, I met him at a restaurant not far away and we talked for hours. I spent most of it laughing, which was awesome.

But at one point, he grew serious and asked the question I knew he was going to ask me. I was surprised he didn’t ask it at the first dinner.

“So why after all of this time, did you finally reach out?”

I told him the truth. I told him about the night he slept on the floor beside the couch and how I cried on the way home after.

I told him I was a mess when we met and that it was the real me at the time, but not the best version of myself and how after time passed and thinking and all of that, I wanted him to know the better me. I told him that action and other things he said to me which may have been totally partially game, still managed to stick out in my mind. And even if it was game, I think it came from an honest place.

In turn, he said back then he wanted to be in a serious relationship with me. He was pushy, but he understood where I was. He said he missed me and missed hanging out. To which I asked him, how could he, with me being so messy and so all over the place?

So he told me that even messy he felt I was a great person. He said I must have thought he was a good person and saw good in him to want to reach out again even though he is pushy and a self-proclaimed asshole and horribly, brutally honest, with no filter.

He said he’s still going to flirt, he’s still going to try to sneak kisses. He said that he is a guy. A “cruddy,” guy. But he did say he respects me and always wants me to feel safe around him and that he knows that no means no. He is cool with us being friends, then he raised the power fist.

But then with a devilish grin, he said, “Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get lucky.”

And there it was.

And then I said, “There he is! I knew he was still lingering. I knew he’d come out! You’ve been holding back! We made it to the second dinner, and he came back!”

“You have no idea,” he said rolling his eyes into the back of his head. “Oh the things I could say.”

So I looked at him and said, “See, it looks like we are both making progress. I’m trying to lighten up. And you are turning down the nasty. Go us.”

“You? Uptight? Nooooo!”

“Forget you, I’m putting on my coat.”

We talked about all sorts of things, including his childhood job as a beaver trapper. You heard this correctly. I can’t even type it or say it again with out laughing.

At the end of the night, he reminded me of his progress in not being fresh with me.

“See, I talked about trapping beavers and refrained from making it sexual.”

“I really thought you were going to go there, but you stayed focused. I’m proud of you. Good night.”

“Good night.”

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2 thoughts on “Lancelot Asked the Question, And He’s Still Fresh

  1. Yasss!!!!!!!!! I like him!!! I’m so excited…..I want one, lol.

    Seriously, it’s a good thing when 2 ppl can grow and come back together.

  2. We shall see. I am cautiously optimistic. He’s a character that’s for sure. Never a dull moment. He has an opinion on everything. The way his brain works is quite fascinating.

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