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Updates, On Being Ill and Lancelot

Hey folks.

I’ve been down and out for the last three days with what a cute doctor at urgent care this morning diagnosed as an upper respiratory infection.

Thursday I started feeling bad at work. But there was no way I was going to miss out on my dinner with Lancelot.

The dinner was fabulous. I really enjoyed it. He’s a fantastic person. And I had to ask him a question I’ve been asking people lately.

At what point did you know who you were and not to apologize for it? Or are you not there yet?

Well he answered my question and I was sucked in. The way he answered it, the passion with which he answered it, the honesty, the humor. It made me understand his previous pursuit of me and his aggressiveness wasn’t just his way of dealing with women, this man attacks opportunity.

No one has to force him to wake up in the morning and work hard, or try his best or set goals and move heaven and earth to meet them. He just does.

I was impressed.

But as I figured before, I’m going to have to be the one to get the ball rolling. He is playing it cool, understandably so.

So I’ve invited him to a comedy show in two weeks. But I hope he’d like to see me before then.

Back to me being sick. It’s sucked. It’s sucked a great deal. Close friends in the medical community basically declared I had the flu, and the kind that would kill me if I didn’t seek medical attention.

I really don’t like people throwing death around. So when I found out, that I did not have the flu, I was quite excited.

My boss is out all of this week, and now I have two new people under me, so I think I shall work from home tomorrow, but call them regularly. I’m not quite ready to go into work, nor do I want to spread germs.

That is the update.

I’m still recovering. This is all you get.


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2 thoughts on “Updates, On Being Ill and Lancelot

  1. Hey LB,

    Hope ur feeling better today. I was slightly under the weather late last week due to what I assume was sleeping near an open window. I fought-off the initial onslaught of symptoms by midday Saturday, but after again sleeping near the same open window that night, the illness returned by midday Sunday (with a vengeance) – sick as a dog all night long.

    I detest playing the victim, even when the justification for such exists. Far too many people relish the role & for this reason, I’m pretty low-key with any illness I experience. I’m resting at home today & drinking plenty of fluids, we’ll see what meds I can come up with when I build the strength to make a pharmacy run – fingers crossed.

    Btw, as far as Sir Lancelot… I think aggressiveness in a woman is very much encouraged by today’s man – it’s how we know we’re desired. Otherwise, we’re left to slay dragons in the dark & that’s no fun 😉

  2. Thanks for blessing my page, Pookey, Pook! I am feeling better and I’m glad I am working from home. A phone conference managed to drain my energy already. I hope you are feeling better. Everyone has fussed at me for suffering for the last four days and not really asking for help. So I get it. I just want to wrap up, drug myself and hope it passes. I don’t need much.

    I’m worried Lancelot is playing it super cool. I don’t want to annoy him, or pester him. But I get your point. Interesting.

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