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Connecting Others to Their Purpose Seems to Be Becoming My Purpose

It is no secret that I am a cheerleader for my friends and loved ones.

If there is something you want to do, I generally believe you can do it, even when I’m lacking confidence in my own life.

One of my closest friends has been struggling to find a job, as a lot of people are in these times.

I’ve always said what she has needed most is a great, well-connected mentor.

I’ve been looking and looking, and I think I found her the perfect person. I reached out to this person a few days ago. We hadn’t talked in years, but this woman had an impact on my early in my career. I sent her a very humble, yet passionate email describing how much I love my friend, and how I think that her mentorship will do my friend a great deal of good and point her in the right direction of entering a related field.

This well-connected woman reached back out to me, said she totally remembered me and appreciated the fact that I wanted so badly for my friend to succeed and was so ready to advocate on her behalf. She said she’d be delighted to contact my friend and help her in any way possible.

I have been over the moon about that this morning, because I do believe this interaction– which is now up to my best friend to knock out of the park, can set in motion just what she needs to get her to where she’s been wanting to go.

That moment inspired me greatly.

Right after that email, I saw another from a company I applied with over a year ago and went on an interview for.

They said according to my qualifications in their system, they suggested a position. Normally, these suggestions are way off, and well below my pay requirements.

I’ve been comparing salaries in this area, and this job could potentially make me happy. So I’m going to apply.

I was talking to my other friend I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, a lot about purpose and wondering if as a writer, professionally, I’ve been drifting further and further from what I originally wanted when I set out to be a world-class journalist.

Maybe I did drift, and maybe being a writer for newspapers may no longer be a desire of mine, but I will always be a writer.

But something else has been happening with me. Writing this blog, gives me the opportunity to still do what I love and I love writing this blog and I love the positive feedback people give me.

The other piece of my heart and purpose now really is advocacy. I think this job I’ve come across has the potential to do that. I said several posts ago, I’ve accepted my lot at my current job, and would only apply to jobs that really move me, instead of applying to jobs for more money or to get the hell out.

I’m learning to listen to myself. And I’m listening.

So let’s give it a go.

I took this a step further and decided to write myself a mission statement. If companies and organizations can write them to establish goals and organizational culture for groups of people, why can’t we do this personally? Individually?

I will use my talents and experience as a professional communicator to be an advocate and cheerleader for health, education, the arts, women and girls, and the disenfranchised.


I will connect people to resources that will lead them to achieve optimum mental and physical health, and identify and utilize their own creativity, skills and talents in positive and powerful ways.


I will use my gifts to empower others.


Creativity is my guiding force and inspiration, I will continue to seek inspiration and challenge myself in my creative pursuits– through literature, music, visual arts, technology and entrepreneurial endeavors.


Today, I challenge you to really think about the things you love, the things that inspire you and make you feel good and think about your talents used and unused, and the skills you use every day as well as the skills people are always asking you to use. Create your own mission statement and post it someplace to remind you of who you are and what REALLY drives you.

Posting this in my cube has already given me a new feeling and a sense of greater purpose. I’m saying it out loud and whoever comes by my desk will see it too. I’m giving my thoughts real power and standing behind it and challenging myself to live up to it.

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5 thoughts on “Connecting Others to Their Purpose Seems to Be Becoming My Purpose

  1. TomartoSoup on said:

    You’re an amazing friend to have and your passion to help others is truly inspiring. Well done for being great person! We need more people like you in the world.

    I myself am having trouble building networks. I go to as many events at university as possible, but somehow can’t find anything to talk about with the speakers. I’d love to build up some contacts, but I just don’t know where to begin. Do you have any tips on engaging with people and leaving a lasting impression? If you don’t, it doesn’t matter. Nice blog post!

    • Thank you so much for you comment!
      Honestly about talking to speakers and building contacts, I feel that you should only reach out and contact people who are interesting to you. If you go to a discussion, do not feel the pressure to swarm the speaker to just say something because a group of other people are doing it and you feel like you should be a go-getter and do the same.

      During the discussion, write notes and circle, star or highlight the things that person said that you had a real reaction to or want to know more about.

      When you go talk to the speaker, thank them for sharing their time and simply say you enjoyed their discussion/speech.

      Then think about what stuck out to you most, and ask a question about it, or ask if you could email them with more questions on the topic.

  2. Also, if you are in a crowd that’s swarming a speaker, really listen to their questions so when you get closer to the person and it’s your turn, you aren’t repeating it, or you can add your opinion to the last thing that was said. Honestly, be genuine. It’s not the quantity of people you speak to it’s the quality. There’s no point in you swarming a ceramic artist just because he was the speaker if you are into physics. Have a genuine interest in what that person is talking about and share your thoughts on that topic too, or share a problem or concern you are trying to solve within that topic and ask for their input.

    When you do email that person, remind them where you were when you met them and what you originally talked about.

    I really hope that helps!

  3. Oh, and I learned this tip from a networking event. Don’t look at the speakers or discussion leaders as folks who can do something for you… you will stand out by showing or offering what you can do for them, or sharing what your skills are and how you would like to collaborate with them in the future.

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