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What Goes Down Better Back Come Up

I was in a dreadful funk, yesterday. I can admit that.

I let life and it’s challenges get me down.

I feel better today.

And I joined like two new meetups and I’m going to actually go and meet people.

I’ve gone to a number of events for one meet up group, ended up inviting someone and not really hanging out with the meetup group people.

But now that I’ve told the universe I’m tired of dating and particularly tired of online dating, I’ve got to meet my man the good old fashioned-not from behind a computer screen in the comfort of my own home kind of way.

I’m going without a net folks.

So for the month of March, I’ve already planned a few activities and I’m going to go. Boom. Period. I’m going to go.

I’m going to look nice, smile, be open and go.

I also took some control over my part of planning for a gals trip to Essencefest in New Orleans in July.

The room has been booked now, just got to get the plane tickets and the person in charge of getting our groups tickets has to get those tickets, and we are all set to go. Whooo hoo!

Sundresses, sandals, great music, hurricanes and hand grenades and benignets, it don’t get no better than that.

So now I have something to look forward to and something to work towards in terms of not looking crazy. My goal.

Lose 15 pounds by July for Essencefest.

That’s it. I will not get caught up in trying to lose 30 pounds. Just lose 15. Slowly but surely. Make good choices, keep it moving.

I may make a vision board of New Orleans and good fitness, eating and health to get me motivated.

Actually, I may do that tonight.

I tend to do things better when I make a plan, and map it out.

I’m excited now. Whoo hoo. I’ve got something to look forward to.

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