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Tips to Get Non-Morning People Up for Morning Workouts

Hey, hey folks.

I’m so not a morning person. Ask anyone who has had the pleasure of trying to wake me up.

I’m always about that 10 more minutes life, that usually extend to 25. I do not want to move until I feel like it. Period.

But now that I’m trying to be a better me, and I can’t wait to have a super hot body so I can just feel good about walking around my house in shorts and a sports bra again, it’s time to get it in gear.

Interestingly enough, non-morning people will probably benefit the most from getting up early enough to get a workout in.

This is what I’ve learned from this last week, where I successfully got up, every morning, no matter how hard it was and got in at least about 30 mins of exercise, if not an hour.

1. If you always need 10 more minutes, then set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than you need to get up. You will trick yourself into believing you beat the system.

2. Turn on every light in every room. This will wake you up. I can navigate my house in the middle of the night in the dark and even with my eyes closed. So if you think you can get to the living room and turn on the t.v. and get that DVD player going, and not be in sleepy mode, without turning on a light to get there– you are kidding yourself. Turn on those lights.  All of the lights!

3. Make your bed. I read from another blogger that no matter what, she learned to make her bed right away. A loved one told her once how could she expect to get anything done in her day if she couldn’t get that basic thing right to start off. And making your bed basically lets you know, you can’t go back in it. There’s no turning back, handle business.

4. Keep your workout clothes for the morning out “where your hands can see. ” You don’t want to waste time. You want to be able to get your workout in without feeling rushed and be able to eat breakfast to get your metabolism going, and be able to shower and get out the door to go to work or in time to power up and set up shop for all you folks who work from home. Scrounging around for clothes is just going to waste more time and irritate you further, and you want to devote your energy to getting your workout in.

5. Brush your teeth. You just don’t want the yukmouth thing going on and all those funky tastes, and it also helps wake you up.

6. My personal preference for A.M. workouts are anything that involves cardio. I want to be jumping up and down, I want to be moving. The only non-cardio thing that I don’t mind doing is Pilates with my reformer bar or yoga, because of the stretching. I think good stretching also helps wake up the body.  One day last week, I made the mistake of starting my day with an ab dvd. It was a great workout, but my heart wasn’t in it, because I didn’t get moving enough. GOT TO MOVE IT IN THE MORNING.

I love this song… and if this doesn’t make you want to move and go get whatever it is you are trying to get in life, someone needs to check your pulse. Go Melanie!

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