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Ain’t Nobody’s Buisness…Stop Scrolling Through My Phone Pics

Oh, nosey people.

Yall kill me. You really do.

I won’t front, at the job, I am on some Beyonce-type, Oprah Winfrey top-secret stuff when it comes to my personal life.

So there were like three people I did not mind showing a few New Year’s Eve photos to, mainly because they wanted to see me all jazzed up, and wanted to see my super awesome hairstyle.

Well, the most super nosey person on my job was told I had said pics, and whilst she was near my desk she asked to see them I specifically scrolled through and picked the photo I wanted her to see.

Under the guise of wanting to take a closer look at the approved photo, she asks if she can handle my smartphone and then this broad begins scrolling like a mug. Then there’s the ah, who’s the guy? And so on and so forth.

I’m mildly irritated, but manage to snatch my phone back.

I’m going to start taking pics of my hoo ha and periodically place them between photos.

So I pose this question to everyone. Do people have the right to keep on scrolling if they ask to see a pic? Or do I have to go old school and say, “See with your eyes and not with your hands?”

Or, should I just assume in the days where we keep photos on our phones, and have digital cameras, it’s just a given for folks to “over scroll?”

I try to stop especially if all of a sudden the photos become unrelated to what the person intended for me to see. Some closer friends will announce to me that they are about to overscroll and say, “I’m about to be nosey.” And they are close friends and it’s ok. I allow it. Then I make jokes about them not getting upset if they see some nasty stuff intended for a boo thang.

But if we aren’t that cool, and you are just an acquaintance,  is it socially acceptable for a person to keep on scrolling? I say it is poor manners and one should not do it; just look at the specific photo they pulled up for you.

In honor of my feelings on scrolling on beyond where I feel appropriate… I present the king and queen of oversharing…Rihanna and Chris Brown. They clearly wouldn’t have a problem.

And why didn’t I think of this earlier???? Thanks Will and Ashley!!!

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6 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody’s Buisness…Stop Scrolling Through My Phone Pics

  1. Seriously though! It drives me insane. My sister is the worst for it and will then get mad at me if I get annoyed saying if I don’t want people to see them then I shouldn’t have them on my phone… key word… MY phone. Rant over.

    • See!!! I hate when people use that logic. Like, “Well, you’ve been showing people pics on your phone, so you should expect them to keep scrolling” No! Not so!!!

  2. I love how Rihanna posts pictures of the two of them together and then says its ‘nobody’s business’. Then don’t post that crap online for everyone to see! But u have every right to get mad at that, it’s just rude rude rude!

  3. I seriously hate when people do that! If someone hands me a phone to look at a picture- I look at the picture then hand the phone back. If its a close friend I would ASK if it is okay if I scroll through before I actually scroll. That is proper etiquette in the new cell phone era.

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