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I’ve Always Depended on the Kindness of…Women

It’s been an interesting month.

It’s been in my spirit for a while now to just be encouraging to people. Track down old friends and tell them I love them, and tell new friends I think they are fantastic.

I’ve had so many great women influence me in my life and I just wanted to pay it forward. You don’t know what that encouraging word will do for someone on that particular day. Sometimes it’s exactly what they need to hear. People often need to be affirmed and they are looking for a sign, and you could be that unexpected push to help them that particular day.

But the more I’ve been reaching out to ladies in my life who I love and admire and who just make me so proud, they’ve been giving back to me.

They have been making me feel good and special and blessed.

It’s amazing how even taking time out to have game night with some girlfriends can help you relax and bring out smiles.

My friend who had the stroke earlier this year was in attendance and she looked just gorgeous. She is the resident makeup and hair queen of our group, and I told her that I felt bad we were just staying in because she looked so flawless. We really needed to be out in the streets.

We had a fun time playing board games, and we ended up having more fun with the game that I bought for my other friend’s young son.

It was a basketball hoop that one sucker, I mean person straps to their head.

I instantly thought I was getting ready for a challenge on Double Dare. Yall know you remember that show. Well I had a ball having small plastic balls pelted at my face and head and we all had a great laugh taking turns.

I got a chance to spread more encouragement to my sister, who really wanted a specific bag from Coach, but kept guilting herself out of it.

I gave her the pep talk of my life, convincing her there is nothing wrong with her having nice things because she works very hard and is an amazing wife and mother who puts everyone else first anyway.

I had to pull out the big guns and tell her a story about the day my mother decided to go ahead and make a luxury purchase of some high end shoes and how that has always stuck with me and was a fine example of a woman shutting up that voice, and treating herself for once.

My sister seemed a bit surprised, but I think the story empowered her to feel better about it. Not to mention, she ended up wanting the same bag I just treated myself to last week. LOL. So she sent the pic I sent her to her husband, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to get it done. He better… Before we even had this discussion, I had already bought her a Coach wallet for Christmas! So this was too funny and cute.

I spent time with another friend who I hadn’t seen in ages this weekend, with whom I was a spunky intern 10 years ago (she reminded me). Geez. It was refreshing to sit back, talk about life and then see the legendary Ellis Marsalis, yes, the daddy who blessed all of those Jazzy Marasalises with his ridiculous DNA.

We were in fact, the classy, professional, independent women we spent countless lunch breaks dreaming about becoming. We still don’t own major media companies just yet, and we don’t have to, but I’m proud of the women we’ve become and I love just exchanging encouraging words and big hugs with this brilliant woman.

So I leave you all with this. Love this song and I’m having a Whitney moment. I watched The Preacher’s Wife this weekend in honor of the holiday season. I love that movie. Here’s “Count on Me” featuring the fab CeCe Winans!

One more fun girlfriends song. “Girl.” By Destiny’s Chiren. I love the video’s nod to Sex and the City.

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