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Turn Around

One of my most favorite songs lyrically is a song by an artist by the name of Donnie. In his album, The Colored Section (2003) there is a peppy little tune, that totally makes me think Stevie Wonder is singing along called “Turn Around.”

The song is simple. Donnie is professing his love for a chick who has no interest in him.

He has all this love to give and he sings about how wonderfully he’ll treat her and all she has to do is simply turn around instead of chasing someone else, who is basically doing the same thing to her– not turning around to see how great she’s trying to convince her object of affection she is.

It’s the silly circle DMV line/waiting room of love most of us find ourselves in.

We pine for someone who either isn’t ready, or just isn’t interested, while someone is pining for us, chomping at the bit to prove to us why we should give them a chance. Usually, we don’t or if we do finally turn around, we either see what the person was trying to show us all along, or we settle, or we still keep ignoring their pleas for our affections and remain at the mercy of whomever we have googly eyes for standing ahead of us.

I love this song and the lyrics because basically all of the characters are simultaneously in the other person’s shoes.

Whenever I hear the song, I see Donnie, the girl and the other dude walking in a line. Donnie is jumping up and down and singing his heart out, while the girl ahead is running after some other dude, and the dude is ignoring them both.

Then I swap those people out and I put myself in the girl’s position, some poor guy who really liked me, and some guy that I can’t seem to shake in the other positions.

Oooh, one more swap came to mind! Myra, Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow.

Steve did try to turn around and he held it down with Myra for a while, but he couldn’t shake Laura. And poor Myra loved her some Steve before Laura had her aha Turn Around moment. This is a great scene where Steve finally puts Laura in her place.

Either way you get the point. “The Colored Section” came out well after Urkel and the Winslows faded to black from primetime television, but I can’t help but wonder if Steve and Laura and Myra were his inspiration. LOL… (Check Myra trying to appeal to his love for Polka music here.)

*I posted the blog, but realized, it would be silly not to show the clip where the ultimate Turn Around of all time takes place. Laura says yes! Steve’s speech is dope.

“You’ve got your back turned to me. You’re searching for the love of somebody else. They’ve got their back turned to you, they’re searching for the love of somebody else. I take a quick look behind, I see a line, but I just pay them no mind. I wish the fool in front of you would disappear so you could…(can’t figure out the rest).”

Clever, clever, clever, Donnie.

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