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Impromptu Poetry: Infinite Thoughts, Light and Darkness

Lost in thought.

Falling, falling, flailing.

One thought populates thousands more.

More questions asked.

None answered.

Then for a moment, I drift.

Drift away to someplace better.

I’m bathed in yellow sunlight, chasing an imaginary lover through a field of bright light. The smell of fresh linens hanging on a clothes line.

Sade’s “Kiss of Life” absorbs the air.

His kisses linger like Sade’s breathless, effortless, lilt.

I’m dancing. I’m free. My body is a flame.

Suddenly, I’m falling again, like that Twilight Zone intro, falling into darkness, with wild objects floating past my head, getting that feeling you get when an elevator drops a little to fast for your liking.

This world, this thought is not like the other.

I’m a prisoner.

My soul is in a vice grip, being slowly tightened.

I can see a light way above my head.

A tiny dot.

As if I’m placed in a box, by some evil giant who kept me as a pet and poked a hole in my box. My only source of light and air.

I am stuck, yet I hate having the knowledge that there is something indeed on the other side. Then maybe I could peacefully just live in the box, without a worry.

It is only a box and not a wall. I could even poke a big enough hole to escape, but instead of just a giant looking at me, I’d be exposed to the grander world I know exists, but the giant holding me hostage too.

I snap out of that dream and I see my family. I see loved ones I’ve lost. I remember how hard they worked and what they valued most.

“Love Never Fails” is what is written on the tombstone shared by my slumbering grandparents.

“Love Never Fails”

God is love.

“God Can Do Anything But Fail” says a sign in the church I grew up in.

God is love. Love Never Fails. God Never Fails.

God is in me. Love is in me. If those things never fail, and those things are inside of me, failure must be man-made and man-made things can be broken.

What do I choose to believe?

I want to go back to the sunlight dream, but sunlight always has it’s time and must pass into darkness to return again. Vibrant. A reminder, light and life return after darkness. It shall return. It must return.

Even my nightmares and dreams take their turns with me, one reminding me of the power of the other and how both are essential to each others existence.

I can’t stay permanently in the sunlight dream, and I can’t permanently stay in the giant-guarded prison either.

This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.


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