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Vision, New Glasses, New Vision Board…Theme Here?

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For some reason, in my conscience, in my psyche, the word and concept of VISION keeps coming back to me in literal and metaphorical ways.

I decided to get on the good foot and get my eyes examined and some new specs because my flexible spending account money will poof in thin air, once the new company’s insurance takes over. Yes, I took out an FSA so I can buy Versace frames. If I’m going to wear glasses everyday, they need to be on point. I’ve finally graduated from Anne Klein! My last several pairs have been AK’s and I love that brand, but this time around, I wanted more luxury. I craved it. I needed it to boost my self-esteem.

I look smarter. I swear.

Well, good news, the very hot eye doctor told me that my eye sight was indeed a smidge better and that I could take on a weaker prescription. He said try it out for a week, and if it doesn’t feel quite right, I could go back to my old prescription.

I was just thrilled he told me my eyes weren’t worse. He said my eyesight and prescription was perfect considering I stare at a computer all day long.


So this weekend, I thought it was a good idea to draft a new vision board. I mean, I’m seeing more clearly now, literally! Why not go a bit deeper?

But instead of it being about the business (three vision boards later and I’ve reached every goal), I thought about just doing one for my general life.

It seemed like it was working really well for the business, so maybe it will transfer over if I apply the idea to my life.

So, I wrote down on my vision board that I want to participate in a 5k. I signed up for the glo run at the end of October.

Then I wrote I want to participate in a half marathon in April.

I wrote I wanted to lose 20 pounds. First goal 10 pounds by Nov 1.

Then I wrote that I want to fully love and understand myself.

I wrote I want to be closer to God.

I wrote the attributes of the type of man I want to be in a relationship with.

I wrote about the kind of job/career I want. I want it to blend my talents in journalism/technology/and advocacy. I want to be paid fairly, and feel like I’m helping to make a difference and have a real, genuine passion for the goals of where I’m working.

I wrote about new goals for the business.

Then I wrote that I wanted to go on vacation– a great vacation twice a year, every year.

I wrote that I wanted to travel internationally.

After all that writing, I didn’t get to cut out as many corresponding pictures as I wanted to, I’ll save that for another day.

But it’s done.

The new vision board for my personal and professional life.

Let’s see how it goes.

As for action plans regarding my healthier lifestyle and weight loss, my accountability partner Rose (a supportive reader and Twitter friend, whom I’ve never met in real life! This blog is amazing!), has been kind enough to encourage me in my weight loss journey, and at her suggestion, I signed up for my fitness pal.

This should be interesting. I’m already mad that the food I’ve calculated for the day was a bit too much and I have like only a few calories for dinner. Boo. Gotta work harder at Zumba tonight to earn my grub.

May the visions come together. Let’s go!

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4 thoughts on “Vision, New Glasses, New Vision Board…Theme Here?

  1. I love the idea of vision boards. I know they work but mine has yet to yield any results. Maybe its just too scattered without any real focul point. Something I have to work on. But good luck with ur goals ! Can’t wait to hear about ur accomplishments!

    • Thank you!!! I wasn’t sure about them before, but I think there’s something about organizing your thoughts and seeing them right there in front of you instead of just in your head.

  2. I made my vision board at the beginning of the year. It hangs on my message board and I look at it every day. I haven’t accomplished everything, but I am well on my way. It includes all aspects of my life. I will review it in the next few weeks as I prepare for 2013.

    New glasses are great and you deserve to treat yourself. The less you depend on your glasses the stronger your eyes get. So keep up the good work.

    As for the healthy lifestyle, we can do it! WW2D? (What Would 29toLife Do?) is the question I will ask myself as we venture to a healthier us. I’m SO VERY proud of you and to call you my accountability partner. “As iron sharpens iron” 🙂

    • Thank you for all of the support! I appreciate it! WW2D is hillarious! I’m more proud of you I saw your pic on myfitnesspal. I’m kind of intimidated. I don’t know if I can accomplish all that you did! Sometimes I can be lazy and weak. You are amazing! Hugs!

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