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New Phrase Alert: “The All-Around”


I know I wasn’t just the only one deeply into U.S. gymnastics during the summer Olympics just a few months ago.

We all know that in gymnastics, the folks work as a team, but can also win individual medals in specific events, and then, if you can do everything and score well, you are in the All- Around.

If you win the All-Around, that means, basically you are awesome at everything.

It’s so sad, but I’m starting to feel this way about men.

There are some men who excel in conversation.

Some who excel in putting it all the way down in the bedroom.

Some are just fine as hell.

Some excel in just making you feel like you are the most special person in the world.

Some know how to fix things.

Some make you feel secure and that they will handle whatever situation that arises.

Some know how to navigate your moods. Or encourage your spiritual side.

No matter what you call it, everyone is looking for the All-Around champ.

You know, the person who does all of your “required events” really well.

Or even if they messed up one event, they did so ridiculously awesome in the others, those high scores still helped that person get on top.

While I do want an all-around, I think I’m going to just recognize folks for the events they are really good at, and be mature to leave it there.

Some folks on a gymnastics team are brought on because they bring up the team’s scores. They won’t be an all around champ, and that’s fine. They could still win an event individually.

Men, I’m realizing, are a bit similar.

Remember gals and guys, every one can’t win the all-around. Only a select few can do it. You should feel the same way about who will ultimately win your heart.

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8 thoughts on “New Phrase Alert: “The All-Around”

  1. detroitraised on said:

    I feel like the “all-around” can be applied to so many relationships whether it’s friendships or romantic relationships. Many times, we have to acknowledge that certain people exist in our lives because they are just awesome in one role. And as we get older, we really have to learn to accept that or move on because the older someone gets, the harder they are to change. Plus, that takes too much work.

  2. Reblogged this on Not So Skinny Genes and commented:
    What a great way to look at relationships 🙂

  3. Love it! I learned the hard way not to give my heart to the guy who won the “Fine as hell” or “Can make me laugh” events. I need the “All Around” champ. He doesn’t have to win every event, but he MUST post a high enough score to win the highest prize!

  4. You’re sounding a little disillusioned but don’t give up — I’ve been married for 33 years this weekend — and the one thing I’ve come to realize about both me and him is that what we excel at and what we suck at constantly changes. The important thing is that we stick it out and if not always work together to work things out, we at least stick together. Sometimes we’re the all-around team champs, other times we’re rounding out the bottom. Love is never always glorious.

    • I really love how your phrased that. I think I have become a bit cynical in the love department as of late. Congrats to you on your anniversary! I have sooo much respect for folks who whether the storm together. What an honest perspective! You give me hope!

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