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A List Of Things I Know for Sure

You all know how much I love Oprah. She’s got this thing called, “What I Know for Sure.”

Over the past few days, even a couple of weeks, a lot of things have become very, very clear.

One of the things that keeps hitting me over the head is, new job. New job. New job.

Thing two is I’m totally voting for Obama. These things are tied together.

Thing three is nothing on this planet belongs to us. We are borrowing and sharing from and with the rest of humanity. We are borrowing from the future inhabitants of the world, we are sharing with those of us alive at the same time. Nothing belongs to us, because anything we have can be taken from us at any moment. So there’s no need to be greedy, or stingy, or so protective of what we have, because you’ll learn the lesson the hard way. Keep on doing what you are doing if you fall into that category.

Thinking this way this last week, wondering if I’d even have a job this week when others were laid off, it makes me want to give more. It’s not mine anyway. Whatever I do have in me, it’s time to give. When we do that, we are opening up opportunities for others and in turn, opening up more opportunities for ourselves. Hell, when my car almost broke down and I had to fork over a couple hundred dollars to fix, I just said, God this all belongs to you, I’ve been through enough, I just want my car to run and thank you that I didn’t break down on the road this weekend somewhere between Brooklyn and Maryland.

Back to the point…

The company I work for was sold.

Fine. We knew that was coming.

But we got sold to a smaller company that has not so great benefits, will make us pay more for our share of health insurance (some folks with families will be paying $1000 a month, like who has that and other bills too?).

Oh, the kicker?

A 7.5% decrease in all of our salaries. Yes folks, so here’s why I’m voting for Obama.

Republicans would argue that the government takes money from hard-working people who earned it to give to folks who don’t deserve it.

Well, in this competitive market, a COMPANY, not the government basically said, you make too much and for this company to grow, yeah we have to take almost 8 percent of your income that you did earn, and on top of that make you pay even more for healthcare… don’t worry, we will grow now because thanks to how awesome you all are, we’ll see profits down the line.

I sir, call bullshit. Please vote. Please take someone to vote. Do not believe this trickle down shit. Big companies are only going to look out for themselves. Period.

This is what companies and these businesspeople the Republicans want to give bigger tax breaks do, they fuck other people so they can keep their OUR money. We cannot let this happen.

Shit is so real. So I’m on the grind looking. This is downright scary.

I feel horrible for the pregnant woman on my job who basically said, with the new plan, she’s basically going to have to foot the entire bill for her pregnancy. She’s in a panic. And I don’t blame her.

So even working people, with damn company insurance, really need help. This ain’t no game.

Now that I’m done with the really bad news, the other thing I know for sure is that seeing my vision come to life fills me with joy. I’m determined to keep going.

I had the photo shoot for my tee-shirt line in Brooklyn, NY this weekend with fabulous, beautiful, hard-working talented friends.

I learned, when you let people in on your dreams and let them take a part of it, it not only lifts you up, but makes you accountable to really not give up and make it happen.

Why? Because these people believed in you enough to give up their time, their energy and sweat because they believe the dream too. Your real friends and loved ones are invested.

We were up at the crack of dawn, and I was doing every menial job possible, but I didn’t care. I loved every minute. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of my friends who helped me. I can’t stop looking at the photos I took and video. I’m going nuts waiting for the photos  my professional photographer homie took. They are going to be insane.

Even just seeing how the shirts looked on other people filled me with pride. My models were beautiful, they were just being themselves, and from the photos I did see, they were just amazing. AMAZING!!!

I learned I do want to work for myself, and provide others with opportunities. I don’t want someone to evaluate me every year and give me their opinion of how I work, whether I suck or whether I’m awesome, then toss me a few pennies or not toss me any pennies. I want to give somebody a job so they can be independent, and feel good about themselves.

I’ll let my customers tell me, and I’ll tweek my product and services until they are happy and I get the value of those products and services. That is the American way. Not this world I’m living in right now.

I don’t want to be at the mercy of some large company that has the audacity to assess my value and then say, “you make too much.” Or, “You should be happy you have a job.”

Those are the options now?

Yall better wake up. I’m totally awake. Bright eyed. I got comfortable. I did.

If I didn’t get my promotion a few months ago, yall, with this cut, I would have been making a little over what I made when I first started at my job five years ago. That’s how real this situation is. My second year into my job, I had to take a second job. So taking a nearly 8 percent cut ain’t no joke. NO JOKE.

The next thing I know for sure is I’m developing feelings for the older gent.

He is supportive, kind, caring, funny and when I was having these crappy days, he was the first person I wanted to see.

One of my friends just suggested going speed dating, and I kind of don’t want to go. I don’t feel like I’m ready for a serious relationship with him right now, but I’m happy where we are. I think of him often.

So these are the things I know. These are the things I know.

What do you know for sure?

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8 thoughts on “A List Of Things I Know for Sure

  1. I had no idea you have a t-shirt line! I want to see them 🙂 Also, I know how scary it is to live with the uncertainty… and kudos to you for getting a head start! What I know for sure is that I am healthy and feeling happier this week compared to last… its good to have something to smile about.

    • Been quietly working on it. Nervous, excited and all of that.Hopefully the launch is in 2013. I’ll keep you good folks posted. I’m glad you can find something to smile about. We all should figure out one thing, even when our days are completely crappy.

  2. Ooh I love your posts! I’m home sick and feeling pretty crappy – your post made me realise how lucky I am in the UK with our health care system. Sure, the doctor had no appointments today but I’m not dying, its just a throat thing. I know if I was really sick, the hospital or call out doctor would be there for me, without fear of a huge bill.

    Really hope your t shirts do well…any chance we will get shipping to the UK?

    jem x

    • I hope you feel better! And hopefully I will be able to ship to the UK! Even if I don’t start out shipping internationally, I will certainly make an exception for you Jem!! Thanks so much!!!

  3. I hope your t-shirt company becomes hugely successful. So successful that you could quit your job and start a clothing line. And employ your friends, or whoever you deem appropriate. When this happens, you will look at owning and running a business differently. I run my own business and would LOVE to pay my employees more, but can’t. That is because with this economy, we have been running deficits year after year. Good thing we have a solid savings, or we would be out of business. Closed.

    On top of it all, our health care costs are increasing due to the health care plan passed by Congress, and it even hasn’t been implemented yet. Our company did not get an exemption that this Administration handed out to so many companies, and for that we suffer. I am doing what I can to not pass those costs to my employees, but the company is taking bigger hits. On top of it all, my own company-purchased health care plan does NOT cover me, the President, because I live out of its jurisdiction of coverage. But it is the most cost-effective plan for our company and the employees, so I stay with it. I am covered by my husband’s plan, who is a teacher. And guess who’s costs are rising. You guessed it, we will be paying over $1000 a month now because local government won’t take the hit like small businesses do on behalf of their employees. They pass their costs down the line.

    9 times out of 10, I love your posts. And I have a huge amount of tolerance for people of different political pursuations (I have 5 brothers and sisters, and I don’t think any of us are of the same party), but the “known” facts you use to draw your conclusions, seriously frustrate me in today’s blog. Not ALL companies are shoveling loads of cash. Look around you. A smaller company bought your company… That’s NOT a good sign — or maybe it is and they are shoveling loads of cash in your case. Not knowing your company, I really don’t know. But maybe you should ask why you are taking a hit in salaries. And most importantly, ask when it will end. I would be interested in the response. If they do respond with something like “to turn bigger profits,” I would be the first to laugh and warn you to run for the hills.

    Either way, not all companies are “greedy” and it is too bad that you make this assumption and write all things corporate & Republican off it its wake.

    Good luck, I do wish you well. There are a lot of people hurting in this economy.

    • I usually try not to get political and stick to other things. I know the people who follow my blog have all sorts of ideologies and that’s cool. I even appreciate you adding your perspective as a business owner and I respect the sacrifices you’ve had to make in order to keep your business a float. I am not completely ignorant to the challenges and struggles of business owners particularly small and midsized. However, what I’ve witnessed personally in the past few days, I am disturbed. I will agree that the economy has hit everyone hard. However, I may not have clarified this, but I’m speaking directly from my situation and the company I am dealing with. If it seemed I generalized and said all businesses are evil, maybe I did out of emotion. I was emotional while writing this, but I do believe the culture and climate has changed in terms of relationships between companies, workers and the bottom line and things have gotten ugly, and while I feel no particular party has all of the answers, my beliefs on how this nation should move forward fall more in line with the Democratic platform at this time. I thank you for your support in reading the blog and I hope you continue to do so and I thank you for being a business owner in this country and providing opportunities to others. To me, regardless of political beliefs, providing opportunities, and having opposing opinions is what makes this country great. Good luck to you.

  4. Good luck to you — despite the horrifying situation of your present job I can read through the lines that you do have a very positive outlook. It’s anger that’s most evident in your post and justifiably so. Although I’m Canadian I too hope that Barack Obama gets reelected. I think he’s been very good for your country and just needs another term to really show his stuff.

    • Thank you for the kind words of support! I know a lot of people threatening to move to your fine country if their candidate loses. I really want to get back to Canada to visit. I went to Toronto once for business and I really enjoyed myself! The Canadian followers of this blog rock. I really appreciate the love!

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