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The ‘Well Do Something, Then’ Campaign

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“Well do something, then.”

There once was a time where when you were a kid (or even for some real belligerent adults), when folks were about to fight they’d stand toe-to-toe and someone would have to be the first to do that step-in-the-face-flinch thing to assert they weren’t playing around, but they weren’t quite ready to just pop off and be the first one to land the punch.

I mean after all, there are usually witnesses, and we all know the person labeled as the fight starter is automatically at fault and eligible for the most severe punishment of the fighters.

An interesting thing happens though.

If the flincher doesn’t go ahead and just throw the first blow, the other person, to show they are now equally fearless as the initiator, will up the ante, and often reply, “Well do something, then.”

Not to be outdone, the flincher has been tested and has to go through with it. If they don’t, all of the pomp and circumstance was for not, and they’ve lost credibility as a bad ass.

If the flincher relents, the other person wins philosophically and usually twists the knife further by saying, “Thought so.” Either pandemonium breaks loose, or the nerve has been lost and the flincher has to slink away in shame.

I often think when we tackle things in life, we are the flincher. We even let life get to the point where it tells us, “Yeah, that’s what I thought” as soon as we turn and walk away after a failure, an embarrassment or if someone hurts our feelings or tells us no.

We want to ask someone out, we want to stand up to a bully, we want to tell people how we really feel, or try something new, or wear our hair a certain way, or we want to take a big risk.

We dance all around this stuff making a big show, talking about what we are going to do, we move our hands, we have a solid stance.

Meanwhile, that thing is staring us in the face saying, “Well do something, then.”

I’ve been working on/ignoring a novel that I’ve managed to write over 100 pages. I keep saying there’s something missing, and I just can’t get there, but I’m kind of almost done.

“Well do something, then.”

I’ve decided this weekend, I’m going to Kinkos and I’m going to actually print the whole damn thing out for the very first time. No, I’ve never printed it out. Crazy, yes. And I will read it, and take a red pen to it and get all up in its rectum and finally finish that thing for real.

There are two jobs I want to apply for.

“Well do something, then.”

Looks like I’ll be working on that too this weekend.

Unused Living Social gym 3-month membership that expires in October.

“Well do something, then. And stop wasting that money.”

Don’t even get me started on the t-shirt business. Things have slowed down, but I’m not as far behind as I think I am.

“Well do something, then.”

I know a friend who is choosing to live in a fantasy world they made up to avoid dealing with the possibility of rejection and dealing with what other people think of his decision, instead of stepping up and being honest with himself and the parties involved. He’s gonna have to take a risk, it’s the only way, even if he fails miserably. He’s got to take those steps as a man.

His fear is crippling him and making it increasingly more difficult to tell the difference between reality and things he’s made up to make himself feel better.

It made me think of what I’ve been telling myself lately. What are the lies? What is the truth?

Am I thinking clearly?

What am I afraid of? And how do I face that honestly?

I think a clear indication of what’s in your heart is what you decide to do even when you’re scared.

If you flinch more than once, especially after you’ve been called out to, “well do something, then,” no one is going to take you seriously.

How many times have you told folks what you’re going to do? And did you immediately do it? Did you wait until such and such happens? Are you still waiting for such and such to happen?

Do you have to wait for the situation to hit you first, so you can feel justified in hitting back and then by default you’re not the one to get in as much trouble because technically you didn’t start it?

Either way, that’s punk theory. Sometimes you just got to start something to force you to finish what you start.

I’m not in any way an advocate for picking fights, but in these kind of circumstances, we need to be unflinching bullies for our dreams, for our beliefs, for our respect and to just get difficult things done.

You don’t like it?

“Well do something, then.”

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2 thoughts on “The ‘Well Do Something, Then’ Campaign

  1. Great post. Seems a lot of people are feeling this way lately. In fact, I was having just such a conversation with my husband as I drove him to work this morning. Good luck with everything!

    • Thank you so much! I think these are tough times for a lot of people and when times are tough, people play it safe and they are even more scared to take a risk. Thank you again!!!

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