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Everything Else Seems Trivial and Silly

I call this blog 29tolife. I want it to be an honest look at my journey turning 30 and being 30 and older.

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about not getting along with people, dating older men and trying to get over my ex-fiance.

All of those things are important, but yesterday things got particularly real.

One of my dear friends is laying in a hospital bed right now. She had an aneurysm and a blood clot in her brain. She will turn 30 later this year.

In comparison, everything else I’ve been writing about seems trivial and even silly, when someone you love looks so weak and struggles to speak. But leave it to my friend, she’s trying.

She’s strong. She even managed to crack jokes in her state which made me, her mom, her sister, niece and loving boyfriend relax and even smile and laugh.

She reads this blog, and I’m sure she’ll catch up when she feels better and stumbles upon this. So I’ll just speak to her directly.

First, I want you to know I love you. Seeing you in that hospital bed hooked up to so many bags and fluids and things scared the crap out of me.

Every motion you made, or wince from the pain in your head that the doctor told us will probably last at least a month, or possibly longer, made me uneasy.

We all wanted you to feel better.

I didn’t want to talk too loud or slow to you, or give that pitiful look to seem as if I was patronizing. You were just groggy, tired, weak and in a lot of pain. But what happened was very serious and scary for us all, and certainly for you most of all.

I’ll also admit with the work I do, I was disappointed in myself for not having probing, intelligent, highly technical questions for your doctor. I went completely blank. However, I do think he has things under control and he seemed very confident.

You are awesome. You found a way to still be you through the pain and all of the madness. You know how to make people feel good. You make them feel better. You make them smile, with your bubbly self.

Moment of the night.

You smiled at your boo. He smiled back at you. Then I smiled. Then your mom. You said in a whisper, “What you laughing at?”

I answered. “You making googly eyes at your man up in here in front of everyone!”

You began to roll your eyes around. And I asked you, “What was that?”

And you whispered, “Googly. I tried.”

You are something else Miss Thang. Something else.

I’m sorry I came funky and in my gym clothes, but it was an emergency, and I needed to see if you were going to be alright for myself, right away, as soon as possible.

Your man gets the super dooper official seal of approval. He loves you. He really does. He’s been so worried about you, and I truly believe he would do anything for you. I told him I was so glad he was there to take you to the hospital when you got sick and that he hasn’t left your side.  I told him in order to take care of you, he needs to remember to eat, and sleep. The way he talks about you, he wants nothing but your happiness and safety. That’s very, very clear. Up until this point, I never really had an opportunity to say more than a few words to him. Not that my approval really means anything in the grand scheme, but I was impressed with his genuine love and concern for you. That is huge to have in a man.

I’m going to come and see you as much as I can until you can come home. I’ve been praying for you and I know your healing is going to be a hard journey, but you showed us yesterday you are in it to win it. And even when you are sick, you snore like nobody’s business. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how much you’ve improved because I have faith that each time I come to see you, you will be stronger.

I love you my friend, but please don’t scare us like that ever again. If you want to bring us all together, just have a party instead! Our other crazy friend preferred that you be pregnant. LMAO. I’ll let you guess who said that.

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6 thoughts on “Everything Else Seems Trivial and Silly

  1. I said I prayer for her. I hope her recovery is swift!

  2. That’s horrible and while other things seem trivial they are what makes up life. The mundane, the seriously critical health issues and everything in between. My uncle passed away 3 weeks ago. He had a stroke. I was complaining previously about work and how much I can’t wait to leave. Yes in the moment trivial compared to his death but after the loss and mourning I am left with day to day stuff. So in the big scheme of things a lot of what we as people do in life can be trivial or silly but it makes up some our lives and can be fun sometimes and a diversion from heavier stuff. Best wishes to your friend on a speedy recovery.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing such an important comment about balance. Life will balance you out. It will indeed remind you of what is important, that you need to rearrange and prioritize, and sometimes put fun and happiness first, then sometimes switch to the more serious things. My friend is certainly improving when I went to see her last night. Thank you for your well wishes and your insight. You are absolutely right!

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  3. That was beautiful. I hope your friend makes a speedy recovery. Nice she has you in her corner.

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