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Jesus Is A Homie, Not Your Boo

*Note: This post is about religion. I don’t go there often, but you’ve been warned.

I just read an article that I think should at least be up for discussion among Christian women.

Some top-tier Christian women will say no way to reading it off the fact it is from jezebel.com

Some will probably think it’s mean-spirited and a trick of the Devil, or yet another test of a woman’s faith in her savior.

As a totally imperfect person who is working on herself and associates herself with the Christian faith and talks to the Lord regularly for guidance, I think the article is an opportunity to figure out if single Christian women have healthy relationships even with the Lord.

Yes, we should give our lives and depend on him, but our very human desire to get a man does get confused with the much deeper agape love associated with our faith.

Romantic love for Jesus as a metaphor, cool.

Romantic love for Jesus, literally…eh…that makes you a stalker.

Words have power. Even the bible says that.

When a single woman says proudly and with fierce defiance that the reason why she has no man is because her man is Jesus, she’s missed the point and probably needs more Bible study and prayer.

Jesus doesn’t want his women to be alone. He wants them to have stable, healthy and good relationships with earthly men who can give them exactly what they need.

He just wants us to shut up, be patient, be humble, learn how to love ourselves and understand the difference between love and dysfunction so once that man is sent into our lives, he’ll actually stick around. I’m sure Jesus also wants us to have a great man that won’t completely distract us from our faith either.

For all of the women who say Jesus is their boyfriend, I imagine them going on a date with the Prince of Peace, sitting across a candlelight meal.

With compassion in his eyes, I can see the Lord leaning over, grabbing their collective hands and saying, “I think you are beautiful, and wonderful. You were made in my father’s image after all. You are truly divine. I’m really flattered, but seriously, you are creeping me out. I’m not your man. How bout we just be friends, mkay?”

Then he will kiss them on the forehead, pay for the check and leave.

He’s a class act like that.

So there you have it. Another statement intended to empower Christian women in their faith has gone rogue.

Instead it makes some women justify the reasons why they are single instead of really taking a real honest look at how they view relationships with the Lord and otherwise.

Jesus is your man? Really?

Anyone else who comes into your life will automatically be a disappointment in comparison.

Hang it up.

You will remain alone.

Ask the lord for clarity and a spirit of discernment to help you find the right man, instead of trying to be His boo.

Jesus Is A Homie from Comic View…The inspiration for the title.

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