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Low Memory, How Ironic

David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalphotos.net

Most Droid people can attest to how annoying it is when you get the little icon that your memory is running low.

The irony of it is the “memory” is low, because you’re storing or running too much stuff.

So maybe it should say your memory is high because it’s still running a lot of stuff? Right?

After having the most ridiculous dream of all time last night, I realized my romantic memory is high/low right now.

I dreamed of not one, but two exes in the same dream.

I was with ex fiance and we seemed to be happy in some parts of the dream, but then there were all of these loud random women around who I found myself constantly arguing with. Then I found myself arguing with him.

Then my ex emeritus, who got married this weekend, was on reality t.v. getting hitched. I was glued to the tube, while ex fiance stewed and kept asking me to turn it off.

That’s what I get for going to see Hunger Games last night in an art house theater that passes out pitchers of beer and me eating nachos, and foot-long hotdogs. I’m sure that, and my ex calling me while I’m almost out the door, while another man was waiting for me in the car was swirling around my subconscious too.

So here I am, like Katniss. I’ve survived a lot of craziness, to only move on to more unfamiliarity, strangeness and realizing the definitions of winning and losing can be real fluid.

I already know who the loud, hood harpies represented, I already knew what it meant by us being so loving and passionate one moment and not getting along another the next.

I know why I was so intent on watching the ex emeritus get married on live television.

Dreams and that food are a doozey.

So much so, my date informed me today that he also had a wild dream last night. He was teaching our young daughter how to play basketball. The girl not only looked like me, but I came out to watch.

Instead of wild berries, it looks like I need to watch out for hearty movie house meals.

I also am in need of clearing out some space in my romantic memory. It’s high time to get rid of non-essential lingering thoughts and feelings for good.

It’s just like wanting to take a picture of something amazing, to realize you used up a lot of memory on stuff you should have already saved someplace safe, or straight up gotten rid of a long time ago.

And too boot and most importantly, you’re draining battery life even faster now, holding on to all of this crap.

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2 thoughts on “Low Memory, How Ironic

  1. ebonyrose01 on said:

    OMG!! Those sound like crazy dreams. I understand the post though. I’ve been there. Especially when I have to take a long flight somewhere. A good friend of mine suggested I read Battlefield of the Mind so I can let go of the memories of the past and focus on what God has for me in my future.

    Where was this movie theater? It sounds fun.

    Happy deleting!

    • This movie theater was the Arlington Movie and Drafthouse. It’s cute. They also do comedy there too. The movies are a bit older and it’s inexpensive. The food can get pricey, but they give you good amounts and it was tasty. Mondays they do $1 movies. So it’s real chill. The seats are kind of like the nice leather office chairs, so that’s kind of weird, but it’s cool. I may have to add the book you read to my ever growing list!

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