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A Loaded Compliment

I got a text tonight.

“You’re too pretty and fun to be single. Next time we’re face to face, you have to come clean. What are you hiding? :)”

And I said:

“Hmm. I told you I can be moody. I’m type A. I’m hard on myself. I’m sensitive. I hold things in. I often want to keep the peace to my own detriment. I’m non confrontational. I have high expectations for people I’m certain can live up to them and I take it hard when they disappoint me. I can blow up a bathroom after a hearty meal. If we order two fries to go, I’m going to steal some of your fries and act like I didn’t.”

He replies: “I would draw the line with fries. The other stuff I could deal with. :)”

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7 thoughts on “A Loaded Compliment

  1. Too adorable!

    • It is. This guy asked me what my favorite drink was so in the future he can order it for me if I was running late. I think I’m in the twilight zone! Considerate! Pinching myself.

  2. Incredibly bold, and he seems too cute.

  3. dbaham on said:

    I feel like you just described me! lol

    Good luck hon… 🙂 This gives hope to the rest of Type A’s who expect too much and are inevitably disappointed when people can’t live up to those expectations. No pressure though haha

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